Misato @ Centerpoint

~Invited Session~

I easily get confused at Centerpoint's new wing and if it weren't for the slew of HK branded eateries, I may very well not even realise there is a new wing. Alongside the likes of Honolulu is Misato, a contemporary and chic Japanese casual diner that prides itself for using only premium ingredients imported from Japan.

Their dishes are cooked on demand without MSG and are favourites of the founder himself.

Chawanmushi ($4.90)

Steamed egg pudding so silky smooth, I would have mistaken this for tofu even.

Seafood Kaminabe Set ($20.80)

Their tasty homemade dashi stock was used in a number of dishes (both the chawanmushi and kaminabe) and that resulted in very appetizing dishes.

I like how comforting the kaminabe set is, perfect with rice and the rainy days too.


Handmade Gyoza ($6.90)

These pot stickers were stuffed with minced chicken and were presented taking the mould of the pan even. Personally, minced pork would be a more gratifying option, the chicken was missing out on some satisfaction.

Mixed Fried Set ($18.80)

Breaded chicken, prawn and cheese potato croquette made up this fry up set. I like how thinly coated these fried items are.

Cha Soba ($13.80)

Between the hot and cold, this is the few times I volunteer for cold noodles. 

Okonomiyaki ($14.90)

On my travels to Osaka, I remember paying homage to their famous okonomiyaki chain just for the pancake. This version was legit with charred edges, chockfuls of radish and a tasty drizzle of mayo and teriyaki sauce. Memories of Osaka galore with this one and possibly the yummiest around!

Matcha Bavarois ($7.80)

Limited portions are available daily and these wobbly jellies have been taking instagram by storm with their unique design and prettiness. Touted to be the must try dessert at Misato, this gelatin dessert comes in two flavours, green tea and black sesame. 

Sanshoku Warabi Mochi ($8.80)
Goma, Kinako, Matcha

Bracken starch goodies rolled in a variety of powders. 

Kuzukiri ($8.80)

Slurp up jelly noodles with a dip of brown sugar syrup!

Misato has plenty to offer and I'm looking forward to their complete menu launch.