Audace @ Dickson Road

~Invited Session~


The Unlisted Collection Group welcomes Audace as one of their latest openings and if memory serves me right, they replace Cocotte, celebrating french bistro fare with a contemporary twist. Audace, short for Audacity, is a brainchild by Chef Jeremy Gillon from Le Montana in the French Alps.


Casual bistro vibes all around.



Spot them eyes.


Chef Jeremy's dishes are inspired by the ingredients he sources daily from the nearby Tekka Market and together with his own herbs sourced from the alps, infused syrups, vinegars, cocktails and even coffee and teas are created  and available on the menu. 




  Smoked mackerel with smoked cream to kickstart the meal, the senses were tickled and curiosity certainly piqued.


Freshly baked sour dough bread and butter makes for a perfect picnic treat.


Green Peas Salad
Apple, Reine Des Pres, Almond

I typically do not fancy green peas, and I blame it on the frozen peas that have appeared in one too many dishes in the past. However, this was a game changer. Sweet pea orbs with a crunchy refreshing dash of apples and almond even. I am already liking Chef Jeremy.  



Egg Yolk Confit
Smoked Foie Gras, Mushroom Consomme

I could have been deluded into thinking egg yolk confit was just an egg yolk, except this offered a lot more - a sliver of smoked foie gras and earthy mushroom clear soup. Ingenious creation I say when foie  gras took me by surprise even and I was expecting it to be oyster mushroom.  


Braised Octopus
Grilled Onion Salad, Roasted Hazelnut, Basil

Sold on grilled onion salad, the braised octopus presented a tender curl of beautifully charred tentacle. The nuttiness of hazelnut, fragrane of basil and sweetness of onion made this a delicately delicious dish.   


Steamed Mediterranean Seabream
Broccolis, Salted Lemon Paste, Black Olive Powder

Salted lemon paste had me at hello, the salty sourish awakening that greeted me in this plate of monotony. Fresh seabream, crunchy broccoli, savoury black olive powder and at last, a punchy ending. 


Striploin Beef
Banana Shallot Papillote, Tarragon Coulis, Dry Capers, Anchovy

Unfortunately, I had high hopes for the beef which inadvertently could have caused some disappointment with this sous vide slab. Evenly cooked and granted the doneness was a perfect shade, except the cut of beef gave it more bite than desired.  It's a huge pity though because everything else on the plate worked. 


Squid ink mash.  


Dark Chocolate Ganache
Roasted Coco Nibs, Monarde Sorbet


I had the privilege of also having a go at their non chocolate dessert option and it was bells and whistles delectable. 


A sweet farewell gift awaits - look no further than the table posy. Peanut shavings for that smooth, nutty and sweet finish. 

All's well ends well and Audace certainly had alot more audacity to present than the name itself. French fare that touched the heart for a number of dishes and I am excited to return and be surprised by the chef.

Lunch menus are priced at $28++ and $32++ respectively for 2 and 3 courses. Menu subject to weekly changes. Dinner is done omakase style, with 3 or 5 surprise courses going for $68++ and $98++. 

Wanderlust Hotel, 2 Dickson Road