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Peranakan Khek @ Cavan Road

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I have a sweet spot for nonya kuehs and imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Peranakan Khek. Cake spelt differently! Instead of a matronly matriach behind the oven and counter, it's a relatively younger and full of aspirations fellow Gen Y-er who believes in handmaking her kuehs and these sweet treats ought to be light and rich.

I already have full of admiration for her. Someone who believes in continuing the peranakan heritage and preserving these treats that may be lost to machines or worst still, be forgotten.


Limited quantities are made daily and I was stoked to find all varieties available when I popped by.  Pre orders are highly recommended though it comes with a 3 day notice.


I ended up walking away with a box of goodies.


Kueh Salat ($2)

I cannot help but gasp at the price for this precious slice, shorter than the length of my index finger, I could not resist but have high expectations for something this puny costing this much.

And how wrong was I. The velvety smooth pandan custard gave way to an aromatic finish and paired with the bluepea stained glutionous rice layer, it was mamma mia bite after bite.


Ang Ku Kueh ($2.20)

Mochi soft skin encasing a somewhat bland mung bean filling. I gotta give her props for nailing the skin but this red tortoise kueh still needs the veteran brands for the pow wow satisfaction.


Bingka Ubi ($2)

Pulpy tapioca in this golden brown baked kueh, I love how chewy and substantial this ended up.


Kueh Putugal ($2)

I love my harumanis (steamed brown sugar cake studded with bananas) and pisang kueh, so this instantly became a must order. There is a showcase of a couple of textures, starchy bananas with a melt in the mouth steamed tapioca starch.


Kueh Kosui ($2, 3 pieces)

These packed more firmness than those from Bengawan Solo except the moment of truth only came at the end of these bites. The caramel, slightly bouncy and aromatic nutty finish of these wobbly cubes - so unforgettable and quite unlike anything I've ever eaten.


Kueh Dadar ($2)

That burst of sweet and savoury is what makes this kueh dadar so satisfying.


Kueh Bulan ($2)

A new creation, this resembles ang ku kueh with its mochi skin and salty peanut filling.


Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake ($2)

Light like gossamer, fluffy like clouds and rich in gula melaka. I love how this chiffon is intensely fragrant and how the taste lingers makes this a must order.


Zichar cookies next?


Plenty of effort goes into each of her kuehs from hand squeezing to extract, natural colouring and thickening agents are frowned upon. I appreciate how far we've gone back in time with these techniques and resistance to modern times technology - and sometimes this is what makes the delights of yester years so charming. I'm hooked and peranakan khek, I'm hooked.


Note their retail hours if you're keen to drop by!

Peranakan Khek
11 Cavan Road, #01-03
Cavan Suites

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