Best of Basilico @ Basilco, Regent Hotel

~Invited Session~


Basilico embarked on the Best of Basilico, a year long gourment adventure through Italy and this year's focus is on dishes with influence from the four seasons. Diners can expect an appetizer and dessert buffet as well as a main course selection.


The stunning centerpiece that greets every diner upon entering. 




I just had to do a repost of these wine infused cheeses.


Speaking of cheese, the varieties never fail to impress me even when I have eaten them so many times over.


Cold cuts and smoked meats galore.


Not only is their appetizers such beautiful masterpieces, so is their dessert corner.



Starting June 20 to September 25, we explore Spring flavours and sometime in September to January, we herald Autumn. One main feature of this Spring's menu is their 'sharing platters for two' which is great for communal dining. 


Summer is the warmest time of the year and brings about plenty of sunshine. The dishes presented were hearty creations. 


Every meal begins with the all too familiar stuffed tomato buns.  


Padano cheese with truffle honey and truffle shavings, sucha truffle overload but just so so so so so good!


Rocket salad with cheese shavings. I usually get my cheese fixes fulfilled for the week everytime I am at Basilico. 


Green Peas and Marjoram Risotto with Cured Cod Fish Cream and Taggiasche Olive Powder

A word of advice, please mix them all up like you would for cereal to enjoy this best. Cured Cod Fish Cream when eaten neat is a sharp contrast in terms of flavour profile to the more subdued green pea and marjoram risotto. I thought this rendition of risotto was spot on with slightly chewy and starchy grains, and I foresee myself heading straight for this the next time I see it on the menu.



Octopus, Prawns, Salmon and Clams cooked over Legume Ragout

With a pizza dough rolled over, unearthing these pots were like uncovering treasure. This was seafood bouillabaisse upsized with enough sea treasures to replace Poon Choy for Chinese New Year. I love how  hearty the stew is and how fresh the seafood is. Legumes gave this the much needed protein booster as well - beans always make stews more delicious. 


Chestnut Gnocchi sauteed in Butter and Sage, served with Pumpkin Veloute and Shredded Duck Leg

I liked the chestnut gnocchi, pumpkin veloute and shredded duck leg separately more than together. Somehow like the clash of the titans, the veloute was too sweet for the savoury crispy shredded duck and floury nutty gnocchis.  


Slow Cooked Wagyu Beef Brisket in Barolo Wine served with Soft Polenta and Caramelised Poached Pear

While beef tends to be a popular choice, I thought the brisket reminded me of rendang with the heaviness and richness of ingredients. 


Chef comes by with a special treat, an Italian tradition it seems. 


Some whisking is done. 


And there, champagne with strawberry sorbet, served!

I've really never had a bad meal at Basilico, tasting or not and I would definitely be back in a heartbeat for more of those cheeses, truffle honey and to die for dessert buffet. 

Regent Hotel