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Teochew Paradise Revisited @ Chinese Swimming Club

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Teochew Paradise at Chinese Swimming Club is the only dining establishment opened to non-members and apart from the fact that service charge is waived for members, there is no huge compelling reason for the club members' to throng to it.

It was our second visit to Teochew Paradise and I consider myself open to Teochew cuisine, no huge fuss over preferences (orh nee remains a huge favourite and a must have).


Braised Teochew Duck

Too fat and bland duck sliced too thin, the illusion of height was largely attributed to the layer of fried tofu at the bottom.


Who can really fault stir fried nai bai with garlic?


This stir fry of mushrooms, chestnuts and fish was decently tasty, except the portion was a tad small.


More nai bai with their signature spinach tofu. Barely impressed since this was just fried tofu with spinach.


Stir-fried De-shelled Prawns and Seasonal Vegetables

This caused quite a tasty impression with their fresh prawns - so good, I walloped them shell and flesh.


Claypot Chicken

This was neither herbal chicken or beggar's chicken just chicken with a heap of radish soaking in starchy broth.


Lamb Soup

Too salty and too gamey, I thought the chicken would have been the meal's miss but this turned out snatching the spot for least favourite.


Orh need is pretty much the standard order over a Teochew meal and it was definitely missing out on some authenticity here. Too sweet and lacking in lard. 

Standard seemed to have taken a dip since the first visit or it may very well have been the choice of dishes or...just the influx of orders since it was the week prior to Mother's Day. The big question is, why am I even finding reasons to justify the less than desirable dining experience at Teochew Paradise? I did not find paradise here.

Teochew Paradise
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