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Summer Palace Revisited @ Regent Singapore

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I can never visit Summer Palace enough to call it a day and it's one of my favourite chinese restaurants locally that I would fall back on to make any occasion special.


Tea smoked cashews was such a treat, I probably polished these addictive nibbles off too soon.


Kailan with Dried Scallops ($48)

For the price, I'd say think twice. That said, crunchy greens with bursts of flavour and textures made this a delight.


Garoupa with Eggplant ($48)

Claypot anything usually works for me and brings across a plethora of flavours - smokyness and a good char in this delicious fish and brinjal hotpot.


Pork Ribs with Shrimp ($48)

These large fritters were actually deep fried battered pork ribs with a homemade shrimp paste coated over. I thought the shrimp paste outshone the fatty pork ribs, unfortunately and this should be christianed "Shrimp paste with pork ribs".


Panfried Lamb ($48)

Another greasy dish of stir fried lamb slices and green beans.

Chicken with Bittergourd ($45)

I love my bittergourds and the more bitter, the better. This however would appeal to the masses because there is none of the bitterness and infact, is more of a braised chicken and vegetable casserole.

Fried Prawns with Black Garlic ($57)

Black garlic, unlike the normal garlic is one ingredient that makes the dish sing. With its sweet and savory flavour profile, this has a perfect combination of sweetness laced with a piquant garlic undertone. I can eat a dish of this, truth be told and the prawns were really just second fiddles here.

It's likely to be the combination of dishes that somehow did not showcase the prowess of the chef much, too many stir fries and it unfortunately got boring at some point.

That said, we enjoyed the ambiance, the dishes that were hits and of course just being at Regent Singapore once again - certainly does not kill that Dolcetto's cakes are always so tempting, I had to save space for a slice or two for takeaway.

Summer Palace Regent Singapore

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