Papasan 17 Revisited @ Hotel Boss


Papasan 17 has become the family's hangout for reasonably priced delicious western fare though that is probably the only food and beverage outlet within the hotel that is spacious. There's a dingy looking yakitori shop and also the food court which probably gets majority of the business and it is a pity since Papasan 17 does very decent food.


Crispy Chicken Burritos ($14)

Portions are definitely lopsided since this was way larger as compared to the first attempt! Expect plenty of crunchy greens with an occasional surprise of breaded chicken tenders.


Salmon and Mushrooms Burritos ($15)
Smoked Salmon, Portobello Mushrooms, Lime Mayo

Somehow smoked salmon got lost in the mountain of greens and occasional mushrooms, in comparison, the chicken burrito was tastier than this. The burrito could do with a bit more charring too.


Mentaiko Pink Pasta ($18.90)

Creamy with a generous helping of mentaiko, I am definitely not complaining but non carbonara fans will find this too much. Prawns and fresh and pasta was done just right, this is definitely worth seconds.


Tom Yum Aglio Olio ($17.90)

Personally this was spot on aroi mak mak again, with a tangy and spicy seasoning. Seafood is incredibly fresh and once again, my favourite tom yum pasta around!


Yakiniku Beef Burger ($18)

Beef slices were a tad overcooked but seasoning spot on. This is more of a slider than burger in my opinion, yet that said, still a tasty one!


Filet Steak Ciabatta Sandwich ($22)

I was reminded of Marmalade Pantry's steak sandwich days with this. Crusty and chewy ciabatta with a juicy yet sinewy slice of filet steak. It was surely missing out on some seasoning but otherwise, a legit steak sandwich that brought back heaps of memories.


Fish and Chips ($15)

Beer battered dory fish fillets and chips which had a strong metallic taste, this is a no repeat for me.


Sausages Pizza ($19)

Child's play is having pita bread base topped with an assortment of lamb and beef sausages as well as cheese. My least favourite of the western delights attempted.


Hawaiian Pizza ($17)

Hawaiian is typically a crowd pleaser,  once again I wasn't too impressed with it. Perhaps the pizza base could do with more baking but generally pizzas are not their forte.

Three time I was keen on their Asian delights, thrice their chef is either on leave or on holiday. This just makes me more curious about the dishes and that warrants a forth persistent visit? Else, I'll just take comfort in their delicious tom yum pasta.

Papasan 17
Hotel Boss