Papasan 17 @ Hotel Boss


Noob me somehow associated Papasan to Paparich and somehow, they aren't actually related. So, Papasan 17 at Hotel Boss is under the same group as Papasan at Dorsett.


The chic and somewhat nostalgic surroundings of Papasan 17, it seems that mornings are packed affairs as it is the only option for breakfast within the hotel. With just one chef, only western options were available when we went over a public holiday which was really fine by us but what nobody mentioned was it would take 40 minutes for dinner to be served and there was just two occupied tables for the night.

Food better be so good, or so I mused. 


Crispy Chicken Burrito ($14)

Strangely with the lopsidedness of this chicken burrito, twas a hearty meal for the non-vegetable fan.


Bacon Chez Burger ($13)

Fries were great, burger was good and this was just junk food done some justice to.


Chicken Schnitzel ($16)

Large enough to feed two not so hungry souls with this breaded filet and side of root vegetables and potato wedges. The only dissatisfaction about it is the clearly mismatched black pepper sauce that should have gone with steak instead.


Tom Yam Aglio Olio ($17.90)

I typically shy away from such fusion dishes because it usually does not work out and how wrong was I proven. Mild hints of tom yum seasoning with an assortment of fresh seafood (Read: I totally hate briney and frozen seafood passed off as fresh). Top marks to the chef and you bet we'd be back just for this.

This visit made me rethink my opinions about Papasan or why I even shunned it previously, a hidden gem with affordable and tasty western options. Now, bring on the local fare!

Papasan 17
Hotel Boss