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Machida Shoten @ Japan Food Town, Wisma

~Invited Session~


Wisma has undergone such a massive makeover, I was lost in the fourth floor. My last encounter was at Food Republic's Koh Sushi and Grill a good couple of years back and this transformation takes me to the all new Japan Town.

Along the row of eateries is Machida Shoten, hailing from Kanagawa Prefecture and Singapore is its first overseas venture. They specialise in ieka ramen which translates to home in Japanese.


Hailing from Kanagawa Prefecture, the restaurant has built a reputation for itself thanks to its much-lauded iekei ramen. “iekei” means “home” in Japan, and the restaurant hopes to evoke a warm and familial feeling with its offerings. 


Ramen showmanship in progress that includes a rigorous water swishing onto the floor.


Look out for this since it's not so common that ramen chefs are this showy and it is a sight to behold!

Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen ($16)

Their signature Yokohama-style iekei ramen combines soya sauce and pork bone broth perfectly.


Noodles can be cooked to your desired softness or hardness. Choose from three levels of doneness for your noodles! The noodles are then immersed in a tonkotsu and soya sauce broth. You can also mix a variety of condiments into your broth to tailor the flavours.

Amongst the new dishes are Miso Tonkotsu Ramen and Garden Veggie Ramen. 


Miso Tonkotsu Ramen ($16)

Miso and pork bone broth topped with sweet corn, cabbage and butter for an extra oomph. Butter does give this extra satisfaction. 


Exclusive to the Singapore outlet is this Garden Veggie Ramen ($15) that boasts a blend of cabbage, kombu-based broth and other secret ingredients. Kudos to them for localizing this with fried garlic oil which actually makes this as tasty than the meat   broth ramen.

A number of new offerings made it to their menu and I was stoked to be amongst the first trying them out!


Burdock Tempura ($7.80)

I'd never thought burdock would taste this good when deep fried, this certainly puts creativity on the top of the table and made snacking healthier (except they can go easier on the amount of oil used)


Celery Kombu ($4.80)

I would recommend just going for the salad if you're feeling peckish though this celery kombu was refreshing, portions are on the smaller side.


Garden Salad ($9)


The great thing about their salad is it comes with two different sauces, soya for the safe and curry sauce for the daring.


I found the curry sauce very addictive and went well with nearly every other thing that was dunked in.


The Homemade Shrimp Gyoza ($9.80) is best eaten piping hot, the crispy exterior draped around a juicy shrimp and minced meat filling.


More snack grubs with their shrimps is their shrimp patty and egg mayo sliders.


Seasoned Iberico Spareribs ($14)

This is almost caveman food with the sweet marinated meat, long bones and gnawing is almost encouraged, other wise a fork and knife may just do the job nicely too.


Char Siew Croquette ($6)  first made an impression with its name, I'd have thought they were hongkong style char siew pau stuffing in it but this was stuffed with seasoned minced  pork instead, closer to bergedil infact! 


Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice ($10) caters to a Singaporean's palate with a fragrant and fiery plate of fried rice paradise. I actually thought this was the most oustanding item on their new menu - loved the wok hei and heat which definitely can still be turned up a couple more notches too! 

Show some love for Machida Shoten if you're around the corner and feeling peckish.

Machida Shoten
Japan Food Town, 435 Orchard Rd, #04-40 Wisma Atria Shopping Centr

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