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Jazz Restaurant and Bar @ The Northbridge Hotel

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Seems like most pubs are going down the same route as Harry's - not just offering booze and happy hour promotions but slowly and surely becoming gastropubs along the way.


Spicy Chicken Wings ($11.80)


Bacon Ham Omelette ($13.80)


Spicy Vegetable Fried Rice ($5.80)


Beef Burger ($18.80)


Grilled Salmon and Vegetables ($18.80)


Pork Chops ($16.80)


Half Roast Chicken ($16.80)

The food was half bad for a lack of a better word but this is just characteristic of a place that does drinks mainly and probably thrives on the world cup or FA cups for majority of the business. If there's just one dish to return for, make it the beef burger which surprised all of us.

The menu itself was already telling on its forte, with a finger in almost every other pie - whoever eats wantons in chilli oil in a pub anyway? They have it by the way.

Generally this place is not for gourmet food, probably tummy fillers when all attention is on their large screens.

Jazz Restaurant
210 South Bridge Road

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