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Burp Kitchen and Bar Revisited @ Tanjong Katong Road




Beer-o-clock, always. 

The wings are stuck on me since the last visit and they were so good, I had to return to try the other flavours.


Salted Egg Wings ($14)

Already missing out on the shiok factor that their spicy buffalo wings packed with a sweet salted egg sauce which was half the battle lost in my opinion. Fortunately, those crispy wings retained much of the delicious crunch till the last bite and was really a pity the sauce was a letdown.


Breakfast Burger ($14)
Brioche bun, baby romaine, beef patty, cheese, bacon, bbq sauce, sunny side up

Between the sandwich and burger, the burger actually fell short of expectations. Missing out on some seasoning, the patty was almost bland whilst the rest were on point - a huge pity I must add.


Manwich ($14)
Pulled Pork, White Bread

Throw in cheese in anything, I'm already a fan. Cheese and pulled pork? That is one combination worth drooling over and wasting calories on. The past pulled pork sandwiches have either ended up too saucy or too tender (the kind that disintegrates to almost nothing) and this had enough bite and just the right amount of punch in the sauce. Mamma mia.


Plus that side of cream of tomato soup served along with it, hearty goodness. 

Pasta next!

Burp Kitchen and Bar
259 Tanjong Katong Rd

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