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Banana cake by Buttrrfingers, lick your fingers!

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I am usually supportive of home bakers, everyone starts somewhere...right? At really short notice, I suddenly remembered I needed a cake for Mother's Day (sigh, one of the downsides to motherhood is having short term memory for almost every other thing except the royal bub himself). Thankfully Natalie took my order and saved my own ass for this very important day for the queen!


Blessed Mother's Day!


The lattice details all over the cake.


Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting ($45) was a heavyweighter - which I attribute to the walnuts and bananas. It was an interesting contrast of dense cake with light frosting.

Natalie was sweet enough to share her samples of an upcoming new brownie flavour - dark chocolate rye brownies with sea salt and roasted almonds!

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