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The Knolls welcomes Chef Olivier Rodriguez from 14-16 April!

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~Invited Session~


For just 3 nights only, Guest Chef Olivier Rodriguez from Tokyo's &ecle will be bringing to table a wholesome approach to Mediterranean Cuisine. Diners will be treated to three full days of gourmet experiences as well as the highly anticipated annual Easter Sunday Brunch tomorrow!


Chef Rodriguez helms &ecle in Tokyo, a neo-bistro restaurant that revolves around dishes focused on harmonizing taste, texture, flavour and colours and Coulicious reinvents the way Japanese rice is used in dishes. This is the feature of his dinner menu priced at $108 per guest and chef executes it omakase style. No two dishes are the same for chef decides and sharing is highly recommended. Should you decide to go ala carte, prices are as appended.


Cocktails to begin the night with, the menu comes with a top up option for wine pairing at $120++ per person.


Bread basket that came with a very tasty olive tapenade, perfect with the cheese loaves which I ate too many of.


M. Matsubara's ricotta / spring vegetable composition and green tomato coulis ($36)


Lime-flavoured avocado chilled veloute, snow crab rillettes and pink peppers ($34)


Steamed apple and foie gras  / dry fruit compote and cardamom flavoured apple coulis ($42)

The trio of appetizers set the stage for some really intricate dishes, I enjoyed the veloute best with its sure-win combination of swimmer crab, rilette and cream of avocado. The other two were hinging on normal to unforgetable somewhat.



Spices flavoured whole rice / beet coulis / beet and aromatic herbs ($34)


Black rice / white asparagus coulis / sauteed asparagus and squid ($38)


Black olive-flavoured 'gin no mikazuki' rice / carrot coulis / red wine stewed beef cheek ($36)

These rice dishes own the naming rights to this entire menu - from their grain shaped plates to the eye popping shades of coulis to the different types of Japanese rice used in each dish. Surely, this was rice education for me, a non Japanese and I can imagine just how many different types of Japanese rice there is, undiscovered. From chewy to gritty to the all familiar sticky grains, I enjoyed the black olive flavoured course best, particularly that mild heat that greeted at the end of it.


Cumin-crusted turbot fillet / chickpea crepe and eggplant coulis ($50)


Delicately pan-fried herring fillet / seared lettuce and capers with spring onion coulis ($58) 

I was looking most forward to pufferfish which was unfortunately not showcased, yet what greeted me were two well executed fish dishes. I do not consider myself a fish gourmet - I love my sushi and sashimi but not quite a fish fan through and through. Between the two, herring was excellent and oily and the turbot was studded with way too many bones in my opinion. 


Grilled Japanese beef loin / asparagus and sauteed fiddlehead morel coulis ($72)


Chicken breast blanquette / young carrot and glazed shimeiji mushrooms with parsey coulis ($60)

Finally we were talking some culinary finesse here with a lovely beef loin and chicken breast that was so tender and firm at the same time, for once chicken won the race. Only grouse? Portions were too french-like here.



Cremet d'Anjou / oregano flavoured strawberry compote / strawberry coulis ($26)


Citrus composition / different tastes and textures of citrus, dairy, herbs and spices ($26)


Dark chocolate 'Galaxie noir' foam / passion fruit jelly / citrus flavour banana coulis ($26) 

Desserts saw a trio of spectacular mousse delights, so light one does not feel like dessert was even consumed. Lots of playful surprises within each and dark chocolate definitely did not look like a show stopper. If I really had to pick, I'll still insist all three are worth the while.


Easter brunch awaits with dedicated food stations, a ton of activities including an Easter Egg Hunt with 3 hotel staycations up from grabs!

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