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Som Tam @ Orchard Central

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~Invited Session~


Som Tam is the more affordable arm of the already pocket friendly Talay Sota serving up value lunch set meals.



Thai Lemongrass Chicken Rice Bowl with Egg ($9.80)

Soft Shell Crab Rice Bowl with Egg ($12.80)


Deep Fried Thai Garlic Chicken Rice Bowl with Egg ($9.80)


Thai Basil Beef Rice Bowl with Egg ($10.80)


Deep Fried Vegetables Rice Bowl with Dipping Sauce ($8.80)


Poached Tuna Thai Salad Rice Bowl with Egg ($12.80)

Their attempt on a poke bowl with a thai twist. 

For sure these cause a serious dilemma for lunch goers in the area. Portions are reasonable and with the exception of the Thai Basil Beef that packs a mild heat, the rest are friendly for diners who have spice aversions.  

Som Tam 
Orchard Central, #08-13

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