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Salmon Samurai @ 100AM

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Salmon Samurai replaces Shinkansen at 100AM offering salmon bowls - rice, salad and sushi. Like all takeaway corners, there is an order cheat for you to tick your preferences, hand it over to cashier, pay and wait for the order to be served.

There is unfortunately nothing to scream about their salmon apart from the fact they are on the same hip wagon as the poke bowls and there is sushi additionally. I did not like how salmon skin was also tossed in, the salmon gets cut so thin to maximise usage of the salmon flesh. Granted this is supposed to be a poke bowl but with just salad, salmon, tomatoes and a dollop of pre-made wasabi, there was no value for a return.

Bowls start at $9.90 and a ton of supplementary options are available for superfoods, avocados and roe.

Salmon Samurai
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