Restaurant Week 2017: Basilico @ Regent Hotel

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Basilico tables at any Restaurant Week are the hottest, it was clearly a case of fastest fingers first before we nabbed ours at this March's installation. Boy was I thrilled because I am through and through a huge fan of Basilico buffets.

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The all too familiar anti pasti spread. Each time I pay Basilico a visit, I cannot help but be amazed by the variety of a single ingredient. At least five different types of tomatoes, cheeses, olive oils and salts even!

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I wish I could take them all home.

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Believe it or not, I have not been able to try every single salt, vinegar nor olive oil yet!

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The spread of cured meat is equally mind boggling.

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Cold cuts too.

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And dessert. To the death of me, I love my sweets more than my savouries.

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Spot them italian classics, from bon bons to chocolate salami.

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Gold dusted bon bons anyone?

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I love how Dolcetto's monthly specials are also showcased at the buffet and it included this lemon tart.

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As well as this white pear tart that I intended to purchase anyway!

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Who can say no to chocolate?

The walk around the buffet line was great enough a feast for the eyes and as with all my other visits, I could not wait to tuck into the spread.

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Olive tomato loaves served with an artichoke puree. The cherry tomato surprise within is uber delicious, a pop of juice in this pillow soft loaf. Just be cautious not to overdose on these and save space for the rest of the spread!

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My very own cheese, fruit and infused honey platter.

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More milk cheeses, it was a pity burrata was not available but these go great with the fresh tomatoes especially! I'd highly recommend giving their pizzas a go, chewy pizza bases with just tomatoes and cheese - so divine!

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One can never go wrong with too many slices of smoked tuna nor their signature squid ink anchovy loaf.

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It probably is not the rock melon season yet since I have tasted juicier and sweeter ones

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With salad and grain bowls all the rage now, I took the liberty in recreating my very own green bowl with all my buffet table favourites. Charcoal seasalt and truffle olive oil made this so goood!

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If fancy schmancy isn't up your alley, going simple with rocket leaves, a dash of vinegar and olive oil also works wonders too.

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Spaghetti with Garlic, Liguria EVOO, Fresh Chilli with Shredded Tuna, Pranws, 6 Hours Salt Baked Golden Onion and Cherry Pachino Tomatoes

Finally we had a go at their pastas, I usually get to caught up with the other options.

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Al dente noodles sounds like easy peasy to achieve, until one pairs it with noodles packing a bite and rich in flavours. That, takes a genius to pull off and from now on, pastas are a must at Basilico's.

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Combination of Braised Beef Cheek and Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Grilled Asparagus and Carrot Shavings, Sweet Parsnip Puree

See what I mean by spoilt for choice even with just 3 main course options?

Beef done two ways and both were beautifully executed, from fork tender braised beef cheek to a succulent beef tenderloin.

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In this tussle between beef and pasta, unfortunately I do not have a clearer preference. My only advice is bring a table of friends to try all their mains which have not disappointed to date. The only letdown is my own stomach capacity which has always failed me at a Basilico buffet. Boo.

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Room for dessert, always and I began with a bowl of homemade gelatos. Coconut, mango and yogurt were all equally delicious.

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Between the lemon and white peach tart, the tangy appealed after a belly busting buffet.

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And last but not least, a really legit hazelnut panna cotta to send me straight to food haven.

On a regular basis, I find Basilico's buffet of great value and even more so during restaurant week. If there's just one buffet worth your time and stomach space, I say give it to Basilico. I've truly not had a bad buffet there, yet.

Regent Hotel