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Patara Thai Revisited @ Tanglin Mall

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Since kickstarting the keenness in thai cuisine, a return to Patara Thai was hot on the heels of the first. Always dine with additional company to be able to try more dishes!


Tod Mun Pla ($20)

Red curry fish cakes with kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil, served with cucumber salsa and sweet chilli sauce topped with crushed peanuts

 These fish cakes had a delicious hue of red which I attribute to the red curry and amidst the burst of juices, it packed a mild heat. When paired with the salsa and sweet chilli sauce, this was a friendly beginning.


Porpia Pak Ar
Thai Tacos with minced chicken, prawns, tofu and bean sprouts

I've had enough Mexican tacos to still be tempted by these Thai versions.


These flaky creations have a window period of less than 5 minutes after the wet ingredients are piled on before they disintegrate and fall apart. That said, put together your taco and consume almost immediately for the best taste.

This was mostly very mild in flavour and was more of an appetizer that required some coordination, otherwise I would recommend salads over this.


Kor Moo Yang Namtok ($26)
Grilled Iberico Pork Collar salad with Northeastern Thai style dressing

I love the colours of this salad, though it was missing out on the punchy notes of tangy, it was a hearty salad made for carnivores.


Deconstructed salad with stir fried pork collar and I eat it like a wrap.


Tom Yum Goong ($23)
Spicy and sour soup with prawns, thai herbs, mushrooms, young coconut meat

Twice as tantalized with this very spicy and sour tom yum goong. I love how this excites the tastebuds to no end, leaves such a lingering yet delicious after taste of the rich broth.


Poh Taak Talay ($23)
Clear and spicy seafood soup, hot basil, kaffir lime leaves

If the tom yum goong could set the tongue on fire, till you meet this deceptive clear broth dish, the heat does not whack one's senses till much later and like molten lava sets the throat on fire. Only the daring need attempt but this was absolutely a silent killer, but so good.


Nua Toon Prik Sod ($26)
Stir Fried Braised Beef Shin with Fresh Chilli and Wild Basil

The colours of this dish, like the pork collar salad was already appetizing by sight. Chilli and basil worked the flavours so well, the on point braised beef was suddenly second fiddle.


Peek Gai Sod Sai ($24)
Herb marinated stuffed Chicken Wings, Lemongrass rings

Plenty of effort went into deboning and restoring these wings but kudos for the effort though the flavours do not quite show. I enjoyed the crispy skin more than the stuffing though.


Massaman Gae ($27)
New Zealand Lamb Massaman Curry with Lotus Seeds

The last visit saw us going a tad overboard with 2 orders of curries which ended up too cloying, we stuck to just one this time and it proved to be a hit with just the right balance of coconut milk. Very tender lamb chunks bathed in herbs.


Pla Muek Pad Kai Khem ($25)
Stir-fried Squid with Salted Egg

If you are expecting a wok hei fry up of salted egg sauce with squid, the chef probably did not get the right memo. This ended up with soft battered squids coated in a sweet sticky sauce with salted egg crumbled in..


Khao Ob Maprao ($7.50)
Roasted coconut rice with smoked coconut water

This is coconut rice gone upmarket with an intensely fragrant coconut aroma and wins nasi lemak's coconut rice hands down. For sure there is no comparison since they used smoked coconut water and even steamed it in the husk but this is sheer enjoyment.


Pad Thai ($21)
Thai style fried noodles - with assorted vegetables. - with prawns.

Pretty disappointing with soggy and sticky noodles though the prawns were really fresh.


Dessert Platter for Two ($22)

This showcases a medley of thai sweets with the exception of the tropical fruits (I thought rambutan, mango and durian will be a better representation of what Thailand offers more than watermelon, honeydew and rock melon). The red ruby was tasty, icecreams normal and the durian cake delicious.

Desserts are not quite Patara Thai's forte, stick with their stunning mains and be in for a treat!

Patara Thai
Tanglin Mall

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