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Man Man Unagi Restaurant @ Keong Saik Road

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I proudly declare that I braved the torrential rains for this.

Is it a milestone even? Because these days the measure of a glutton is the number of queues I've been in, spent a ridiculous amount of phone thumbing before I make it to nabbing a table.

Perhaps the mindset is I would readily do so overseas but grudgingly accept this as a way of life locally and lo and behold, the hottest table for some months now still belongs to Man Man.


Enter and be greeted with occupied tables, it seems like a constant to have the restaurant occupied.


Chef was showing off his chops when he saw me pointing a camera in his direction - well trained by the influx of over zealous instagrammers and well, diners in general.


We all queued for these slithery slippery creatures in their tanks - for the record, I saw none residing in the tanks.


There's no such thing as having a private conversation at Man Man and that just signals faster turnaround time unless you're fine sharing your secrets with everyone within earshot and getting harried to go once the last morsel disappears from sight.


Kimoyaki ($9.80)

Eel liver to be precise and I do not even partake of chicken liver, nor pig's but exceptions are made for goose. The char and glistening grease on the ugly knobs of flesh made this less inviting, save for the fragrance.

However, I was sold. On the ugliest things they had to offer. Bursts of butter with such intense fragrance, liver is my newfound friend, eel liver to be exact and move over foie gras, it's eel liver.


Large Hitsumabushi ($35.80)

The whole menu revolves around eel, obviously and after that patience testing queue? Go biggest, or go home.

This large unagi donburi features three different ways of eating this, and it seems to be an art behind this even.

1. Proportion the eel into four portions, the first to be eaten it with rice.
2. Get creative and adventurous with the toppings and seasoning by the side. Freshly grated wasabi does give this an added delicious punch.
3. Tasty clear broth comes to play in this third way to consume unagi don.


I still enjoyed it best the second option, eating it with a heap of spring onions, dash of wasabi and seaweed.


A pity refills were not offered.


Like the eel liver, there was a droolicious char and without a doubt, very delicious. Almost the best that Singapore has to offer at this price point, I have had enough of rubbery and sugar topped unagi dons retailing at supermarts and sushi joints.

Man Man did the eel reasonable justice and no grain nor inch of eel was left untouched.


The big question still remains, would I do this again?

Man Man Unagi Restaurant
1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01

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