Man Fu Yuan Revisited @ Intercontinental Singapore

~Invited Session~


Following my less than stellar experience at Man Fu Yuan, we were then invited back for a hosted session with Chef Eric, a move that I appreciate Intercontinental Singapore for. Feedback, good or bad is taken seriously and we were once again back at the table for a spread for an afternoon of yumcha.

A selection of Man Fu Yuan signatures were presented alongside their dimsum menu and there were hits and misses, I'll classify them accordingly.


Our amuse bouche of chicken tartlet. 

Die-die must order


Deep Fried Lobster coated with Salted Egg Sauce ($38)

Indulgence in every bite, lobster when deepfried tends to shrivel up a fair bit and this resulted in an immensely enjoyable salted egg dish.


Phoenix Claws with X.O. Sauce ($5.20)

MFY's classic with an X.O. sauce so fragrant and for the non fan, this was still a treat.


Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls with Salted Egg Custard ($6.80)


These crispy balls are coloured a delicious shade of purple from the sweet potato used and in its chewy exterior lies a droolicious molted salted egg custard filling. Salted egg anything is a clear winner in my books.


Signature Tea-Smoked Duck with Chinese Tea Leaves and Brown Sugar
Braised Soy Sauce Chicken
Honey-Glazed Pork Char Siew

Instead of the usual roast duck, MFY has a tea-smoked version which packed a fragrance and juicy meat.


X.O. sauce scallops was enough to make this dish tick.


Traditional Glutinous Rice Dumpling ($5.20)

Second time round, justice was served  with a crispy skinned mochi and none of the raw turnip nor wintermelon bits we encountered the first time.

Order because it's yumcha time!


Ichiban Seafood Porridge ($12) 


Traditional Prawn Dumpling ($6.80)


Minced Pork Dumpling with Scallop ($6.80)


Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimps in Oyster Sauce ($5.20)


Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce ($6.80)



Pan-fried Sugarcane wrapped with Seafood and Minced Scallops ($6.80)


Sauteed Sliced Beef, Kai Lan and Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce ($28)


Braised Vermicelli with  Egg White, Raw Egg and Mushrooms ($26)

I found this underwhelming though and on the bland side.


 Cream of Almond with Glutinous Dumpling ($8)


Fruit Platter


Chef Eric is a joy to dine with, and it turned out to be a catch up session (and I've never met him before). A very personable chef with a larger than life personality and a bigger passion about food too.

Thank you for listening and letting me experience the Intercontinental service. Many a time restaurants react to feedback negatively, deleting or even disregarding and to a customer, it's not always about getting a free meal out of them. The fact is, feedback gives room for improvement and for other customers to take note of.

The meal was definitely better than when we visited during restaurant week and I'd suggest picking a few signatures to try bearing in mind the must orders and can do without. 

Man Fu Yuan
Intercontinental Singapore