Man Fu Yuan @ Intercontinental Singapore


This started out as an attempt during Restaurant Week and because no menus were posted, we went in with an open mind only to be informed that it would be a 3 course with the following courses,

Special Soup of the Day
Combination of Conpoy Egg Fried Rice with Barbecued Smoked Char Siew
Chilled Mango Sago Pomelo OR Warm Dried Tangerine Peel Red Bean

All for $38++ which did not seem like a deal and the waitress sheepishly admitting that it was not filling and in the most expected manner ever, recommended a higher priced menu.



Candied walnuts are my kind of appetizers.


Traditional Prawn Dumpling ($6.80)

The skin was made too thin and flimsy hence tearing is inevitable.


Minced Pork Dumpling with Scallop ($6.80)

Another that was really ordinary tasting and was ordered just because it is a dimsum staple. 


Honey Glazed Pork Bun ($5.20)

Soft fluffy sweet buns good with a pot of tea. Another of those dishes that falls under a must order for any dimsum experience.


Rice Roll with Dough Fritters ($8.80)

After all the misses, we were finally talking business with the incredibly slurpworthy rice roll and crunchy dough fritter. Portions were (for a lack of a better word) ridiculously big considering how petite the rest of the dishes were.


Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimps ($6.80)

Well, yeah. Fried beancurd skin roll which could do with more prawns in the prawn paste.


Traditional Glutinous Rice Dumpling ($5.20)


Glutinous rice skin was  tasty but the filling had a mixture of what tasted like sweet winter melon and diced chicken. Once  again, not a fan of.


Pan Fried Radish Cake ($5.20)

These came lukewarm and it seemed as if most of the diners were perfectly fine with lukewarm dimsum. Just really ordinary radish cake missing out on some delicious char.


Smoked Eel in Filo Pastry ($6.80)


Ignore the oil smell from the filo pastry and dig into an incredibly crispy and crunchy mess to discover the rubbery but delicious smoked eel within.


Complimentary prune juice shots to help with indigestion and cleanse the palette.

Clearly, the bill worked up to be lesser than the restaurant week option and satisfied my curiosity about dimsum  at Man Fu Yuan. I am just not sure if I have enough guts for a return.

Man Fu Yuan
Intercontinental Singapore