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长顺 Chang Shun (Charcoal) Hong Kong Style Roasted @ Neil Road

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长顺 Chang Shun (Charcoal) Hong Kong Style Roasted is a crowd puller over lunch time at Neil Road. Queues can snake way over to the KTV next door but thankfully they move equally fast.


Char Siew Roast Pork Rice

Done the local way with sweet sauce drizzled and served with sliced cucumber and steaming hot rice. The roast pork is a deal sealer for me, crispy, fatty and meaty in that order, except the portion could be bigger. Is it me or roast meat portions are always never enough? Rice is always far more than the meat and I'm left wondering if I should top up for more meat.

A side of sour vegetable duck soup comes with every order, be lucky and you'd fine a meaty duck carcass afloat in someone's bowl.


Char Siew Wanton Noodles 

The noodles are the bomb, literally. Springy throughout the meal, almost never losing any bite which is awesome possom for someone who is on the anti soggy noodle fan group.


Three plump wantons were sufficient to win my vote for yummy. I threw in an extra braised egg for more satisfaction and while the char siew was lean and tasty enough, its the other second fiddles that won me over.


A side of blanched greens for good measure after such a not so healthy but so worthwhile meal.

With Foong Kee losing favour due to their rising prices and rougher service, Chang Shun is worth switching camps to. 

长顺 Chang Shun (Charcoal) Hong Kong Style Roasted

120 Neil Road
Henly Huat Drinks Food Court

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