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Bincho Revisited @ Moh Guan Terrace

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Since lunch, I knew Bincho would be a place I'd return to check out dinner. The vibes of the place (the whole 70 year old coffeeshop charm) and how elusive it seems (that back door entrance) and well, I have enough excuses to return and I did.




Chickens used are from a farm in Malaysia and they are hormone-free and antibiotic-free too.


Bincho Express Set ($68) caters to a first timer at Bincho. It has highlights from their seafood and yakitori menu  but this as already mentioned, is Express and dinner is supposed to end before you know it. Personally I thought this was too abrupt to be considered a proper dinner course, nobody knew when it ended since dessert is not included.

Assorted Appetizer


Assorted Sashimi Platter

I don't find sashimi their forte and personally still prefer their yakitori items.


Salad Sticks with Bincho Signature Miso Paste


Yakitori Platter

Tsukune with Egg Yolk

Tori Zukushi Set ($90) is more focused on their specialty - chicken and for the first time, I was exposed to so many chicken parts which I normally would not even think of eating. Yeah, I'm chicken like that.



Assorted Appetizer


Chicken Skin Salad

I liked this so much the first visit, I had to order a dinner set that included it. Chicken skin was deep fried till crispy and crunchy like keropok, if only they sold them by the bottle. I'd gladly pay for them!


Yakitori "Shio" Platter
(Soft Bone, Gizzard, Tail)

I am squeamish about chicken parts in general and even between the thigh and breast, I typically head for the breast and then wings. The tail is completely unventured ground and I surprised myself even by polishing it clean, something chewy, something soft and something tasty.


Tsukune with Egg Yolk

We were encouraged to crack the yolk and pour it over the tsukune patty, amidst the torched and grilled flavours, there was a certain creaminess about this combination. Just. So. Good.


Yakitori "Tare" Platter
(Heart, Liver, Neck)


This was even more uncharted area, intestines. I am generally averse to them with very very few exceptions - foie gras, ox tongue and cod sperm would be my most audacious attempts thusfar.

The neck was sinewy and at times required some jaw work but definitely was friendlier than the heart. The crunchy muscle had a really odd and acquired aftertaste. Suddenly the buttery liver was the most popular on this platter.


Yakitori Don


I'd consider this a mini don just to set expectations right. The same grilled chicken breast that we had in the truffle dish - very tasty don, infact it was so aromatic I cannot help but take deep whiffs of this. Nothing to fault and infact, so hearty, I just wish portions were bigger.


Dessert of the Day
Tokopoten Animitsu ($15) 


Chestnuts, dango, red bean and bracken flour noodles make up this Japanese dessert. This is not commonly eaten and was an interesting take on dessert.


Crispy Onigiri ($15)

Wrapped with sliced kurobuta, this grilled rice ball made a hearty snack.


Grilled Miso Cod ($40)

A tad too blackened but beneath that was a oily slab of heaven, miso paste kissed cod was absolutely gratifying.


Chicken Breast with Truffle ($28)

Hormone free chickens do have a different taste and texture altogether, I found this extra juicy. Truffle shavings together with truffle woven under the skin of the chicken  breast and grilled made this a real treat!


Cocks Comb ($5)

Mamma mia, so tender! I missed this so bad.


Goma Tofu Brulee ($12)

This was too dense and missed out on some velvety smooth texture. A disappointment here. 



Happy hour makes happy tipples.


I'd highly recommend a splurge on their yakitori and dons, just once and you could be sold too.

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