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Traditional Hakka Thunder Tea Rice @ Jalan Berseh Food Center

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I'm not sure when I had my first bowl of thunder tea rice, or what prompted me to even attempt eating up a bowl of greens and rice with another bowl of green soup. Well, one thing's for turning back and the bowls seem to get tastier too!

In the furthest corner of Jalan Berseh Food Center lies this hidden gem of thunder tea rice. It's so obscure, methinks only the loyal following would know and perhaps random folk like me.


Thunder Tea Rice ($3.80)
White rice

There is a choice of white or brown rice to go with the bed of greens and yellows. I love how peanuts are served separately to maintain the crunch.

That separate serve of thunder tea soup, a combination comprising of green tea and herbs is a delicate balance to maintain for most places. Some end up with an icky-grassy aftertaste, this stall's just right, a well balanced savouriness that makes polishing off the broth - sucha breeze!


I love my greens and thunder tea rice just made this green affair all the yummier, various textures all in a bowl - crunchy, chewy, soft and crispy even. Different layers of savouriness too. Om  nom nom.

Traditional Hakka Thunder Tea Rice
Jalan Berseh Food Center

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  1. good to know, wanna try it! the price tag is good and it's healthier than pricey salads