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Maru Ten Udon @ Parkway Parade

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I don't consider myself an udon fan, or perhaps I never had an udon dish that made me crave udon henceforth. For that reason, it ranks as one of the less interesting Japanese dishes I'd rank as tops. Maru Ten Udon at Parkway Parade's Food Republic is a casual style udon shop that also has a ton of other options - think rice bowls and tempura.

Until this outlet, I did not actually realise its existence - and surprise, surprise! They already have 5 outlets under their belt.


Clear instructions how to order! Pretty simple in fact, it felt like dining canteen style with a tray infront of me.


There are 3 sizes for udon, a choice of hot and cold and two different broths varying in levels of savouriness. I picked the medium (1.5 portions of small) and then the fried items. These accompanying dishes are priced from $1 onwards.

The udon bowl is passed on you decide how much soup to fill from the dispenser.


Fried tamago which turned out too sweet for my liking, should have just gone with the fish cake version. Fried chicken cutlet turned out way better, crunchy and though it was not served piping hot, the batter was still delicious!


The main focus of the meal - these chewy tendrils of udon. Maru Ten Udon had tweaked the taste to suit local tastebuds though they are primarily still sanuki udon, the dash stock is made daily using the original recipe and there are ten different types of free toppings available! My favourite has to be the seaweed that goes so well with udon.

We had the hot version this time, perhaps cold next? Alot of care is taken when cooking these udon noodles, from timing to cooking techniques. 

Maru Ten Udon
Parkway Parade B1 85-87
Food Republic

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