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Washoku GOEN @ Clifford Center

~Invited Session~


Washoku GOEN has recently opened its 7th outlet at Clifford Center in Raffles Place, bringing greater value to food court diners through its generous serving portions of dishes. The other six outlets can be found in food courts of Wisma Atria, Vivocity, Seletar Mall, City Square Mall, West Mall and Marina Bay Financial Center.





Foodfare Emporium is a foodie's dream come through, given its size and variety of stalls - not to mention, the crazed lunch crowds that Raffles Place is famed for. I would suggest dropping by during off peak hours - after 2pm or during dinner time. 


Tonkotsu Special Ramen


Udon and ramen options are available for this soupy edition. Tuck into a thick pork broth and fatty pork belly slices for this bowl of ramen, this may be salty and unauthentic for some otherwise a good alternative to korean rameon.

Alongside Washoku GOEN’s best-selling dishes, only this outlet offers chef’s new creations featured below!


Tonpei Original Curry Rice ($6.80)

Pork-stuffed omelette drizzled with mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce, served with fragrant steamed rice and curry. I like the idea of combining two Japanese specialities of okonomiyaki and curry in one but I was expecting the pork to be fried instead of boiled in this situation. The curry showcased was like most Japanese curries, comforting and not spicy.


Mushidori Original Curry Rice ($7.80)


This is an interesting take on our local favourite - Hainanese Chicken Rice, with the chicken steamed and served with spring onions and a generous dollop of oil too. I liked the concept but I am not sure how curry would go well with this together though the Hainanese do have an equally famous curry chicken around.

I may have picked the wrong dishes to sample this visit, the breaded items sure look delicious and that probably goes better with curry.

Washoku GOEN
24 Raffles Place, Clifford Centre
Foodfare Emporium @ B1 (Stall No. 6) 

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