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Toby's Estate @ Rodyk Street

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Toby's Estate was perhaps one of the first few cafes back then when Singapore was swept over by a cafe storm. I'm not sure why I have not blogged about it since I have paid so many visits to this place!


Brekkie of Champions ($25)
Eggs, Espresso Maple Bacon, Tomato, Mushrooms, Beans, Harissa Sausage, Brioche

A bigger version of big breakfast with everything a brunch appetite needs. This probably needs no further introduction on how hearty and wholesome it is because I have problems finishing it on my own.


The New Tobias Burger ($25)
150g Beef Patty, Spanish Onion, Greens, Emmental, Chipotle Mayo Brioche Buns, Fries (Gently Spicy)


Without trying the older version of Tobias Burger, this was another of those beef burgers with melted cheese and fries. Only this was actually really delicious, it could have been the chipotle mayo brioche bun or the medium well done patty that made all the difference.

Of the two mains, I enjoyed this way better.


Long Black ($4)

Options are not wide, there were at least 5 poached egg options with a variety of toppings.

A place that is widely popular with expatriate families possibly due to its location, a fore runner in the brunch scene before, I may have had my tastebuds spoilt with the choices available thesedays.

Toby's Estate 
8 Rodyk Street

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