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The Oval Revisited @ Singapore Cricket Club

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That particular week was spent trying a total of three different mulligatawny soups and we still preferred Cricket Club's - and seconds within a week. The system must have been shocked with so many spices.


SCC Mulligatawny Soup ($6.90)

Being reunited with this was sheer happiness, thick spicy curry broth makes this liquid curry so addictictive, it can completely be passed off as a mains on its own.


Club Sandwich ($11.90)
Chicken, Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato and French Fries

Barely club sandwich as I would call it with more bread than ingredients. The fries were good though.


Bhindi Do Pyaza ($7.90)
Lady finger stir-fried with onions and chat masala

Trust the Indians to embrace ladies fingers with much aplomb, this dry curry dish enough joy for me to love curry vegetables wholeheartedly.


Tandoori Chicken ($9.90)

Somehow the tandoori chicken was more salty than the other curry dishes, the over marination was hinging on unpleasant.


Basmati ($3)

Good enough for 2, very comfortably.


Palek Paneer ($8.90)
Cheese cubes cooked in spinach

Next to ladies fingers, this is my next favourite vegetable curry dish! Cottage cheese and spinach, sublime combination!


Prawn Vindaloo ($8.90)
Prawns slow cooked in spicy sauce and potatoes

Like prawns soaked in sodium bicarbonate and love this, otherwise this could potentially be a turn off despite its toothsome gravy.

I probably had met my Mulligatawny soup quota for the year - this also serves as a reminder to myself to only order Indian food at Singapore Cricket Club!

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