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Salted Egg Chips - Irvins vs The Golden Duck

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Salted egg has taken my country by storm, literally with the influx of related snacks. Historically, molten salted egg custard buns have long been fawned over. The revival of this came in the form of the salted egg croissant that Hong Kong got the first movers advantage on, then came JB and subsequently us.

So what's next?

Salted Egg Chips it seems. Chips coated with a delectable salted egg sauce.

Two players in the market - The Golden Duck and Irvin's.

The Golden Duck (TDG)

Taiwanese recipe and sold in single serve foil packets. Online deliveries take averagely a week with a minimum order of $50 for free delivery. Only available online or at their popups across a number of locations, their website mentions stockings only resume after April. Full range includes this and an upcoming salted egg sauce.

I found these reeking of oil and lacking in salted egg flavour, unfortunately.



Online deliveries are touted to take 4 weeks and up to 5 for them to be fulfilled. Apart from their elusive popups that sees these chips selling out within 1 hour of store opening, they have since ceased retail sales at their Le Ban Cafe outlet. Full range includes salted egg salmon skin and salted egg sauce.

Arriving at 11am meant being 30th in queue and left me with no chips, only the fish skins. I sense a repeat of the Hello Kitty Doll mania repeating itself and my fellow crazed and super free Singaporeans exercising their chops at our favourite national past time of queueing.



Joy to the world began on the first bite, barely greasy in a strange way because these are deep fried yes? So many rights going on - crunch, flavour, balance of sweet and savoury and that mild spicy punch. Surely they have a winning recipe for salted egg already, I just need to get my hands on the chips.


Turns out they finally have a reservation system in place for collection a week later. Scored two tubs of salted egg chips and I cannot be happier after all this fuss.


The same rich salted egg fragrance greeted me with the unveiling of these golden ingots, however fish skins worked better for crunch. The chips were lacking in bite in my opinion, coming from a kettle chip fan. 

Being the perennial hardcore snacker, these are godsent but pricewise there are equally addictive alternatives in the supermarts at least. Kettle chips for one won't require half the inconvenience or even fuss I'd say. But, it's just one hype wagon to jump on if checking out new fads is your thing.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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  1. We're glad too to finally have a Reservation system :) We're continuing to review how it goes and see how we can have the right mix of walkins and reservations. Let us know if you have further inputs :) And pleased to know you like the balance in the snacks we strive for. Cheers!