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Restaurant Week 2016: Rubato Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar @ Greenwood Avenue


Greenwood Avenue has been for the longest time known for Lana Cake Shop - at least to me. There are a number of restaurants that line the whole district and gives good enough reason for the perpetually full carpark but it took us this restaurant week to discover Rubato Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar. 


Service was incredibly warm from the start, almost pretentious at some point but it was all smiles and accommodating requests throughout our dinner.


Dried fruit foccacia was an odd choice to begin the meal, but beggars cannot be choosers. I enjoyed the crustiness of these bread chunks but the inconsistencies were tasted in subsequent baskets.


Diver-caught  Hokkaido Scallops with Truffle Elixir

Cold angel hair pasta drizzled generously with truffle oil and chopped truffles, a very delicious treat! Flavours were mild yet very appetizing. I was already looking forward to the rest of the courses.


Molten Mozzarella
Michelin-grade Burrata, Dotterini Gazpacho, Wild Rocket

The description baffled me - what is considered "michelin grade burrata", nonetheless it was a creamy chunk of burrata served with half a cherry tomato and wild rocket leaves. The gazpacho had an unpleasant aftertaste but nothing that burrata cannot save!


Exotic French Oysters, Homemade Tagliatelle Pasta, Beurre Blanc Sauce

With such a stellar start with the cold angel hair pasta, we had high hopes for this handmade pasta main course. Loved the density of the noodles, on the fence about the white butter sauce which was lacking in flavour, overall. Medium cooked oysters made this a slurpworthy affair.


Line-caught Deep Sea Barramundi, Fresh Rockets, New Potatoes

Portions for the barramundi course were a lot larger than the pasta, seared till crispy the barramundi fish skin was so addictive on its own. Freshness is key in this dish and it was executed so well. My preferred main course of the two.


And since dessert was a surprise, it was not much of one when tiramisu was served - fluffy, light and very enjoyable infact.


They kindly swopped one for a house made pistachio gelato, leaning on the sweet side for me but otherwise a toothsome treat!

Our picks this restaurant week seemed to have pulled off for us and proved the point that restaurants without the supplementary charge were also worth the while.


Rubato Italian Kitchen and Bar
12 Greenwood Avenue

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