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Restaurant Week 2016: Patara Thai Revisited @ Tanglin Mall

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The last restaurant week visit wowed, I decided to return for another edition of RW. We were possibly the only diners for RW that dinner and the rest were there for ala carte - that sounds like a need for a revisit soon enough!


I have always loved the vibe of Patara Thai - traditional with modern touches, classy indeed.


Pomelo Salad with Seared Scallops

Marinated pomelo salad with a single seared scallop on a bed of fried lemon grass and seasoning. Two different elements with different flavours going on, I love the spice and heat best. One delicious start and the companion was pleased as punch.


Sweet and Sour Soup with Mullet

Being the typical Thai diner meant my knowledge of thai soups are so limited - tom yum goong with either seafood or chicken.

This sweet and sour soup opened a whole new window of flavours to me with a number of firsts to boot;

Ginger in soup can taste so good, I ended up gobbling the ginger shreds that I typically avoid like plague
None of the fishy taste detected, methinks it could be ginger at work
Mullet with its skin and all was really tasty despite the boiling done and boy, three thick slices were not enough
Heavy handed on fish sauce but this was just so good, right to the last drop. Coming from one who only partakes of double boiled soups. 

There I rest my case towards Thai soups and this tantalizing one began a whole new world of possibilities in our future meals. 

The courses were served fast and furious, I already adore the service. Halting food service is one of my pet peeves, the type that makes you full from the wait tops that list. Our mains were served all at once, awesome!


Pan Seared Salmon with Smoked Chilli Jam

Smoked Chilli Jam made this a mouthwatering salmon dish, loved the crispy exterior and lingering heat that came from the jam subsequently.


Prawns in Red Curry with Bittergourd

Red curry visually looks more fiery than green but it ends up being the gentlest on the palette with hardly any heat. This creamy curry with bittergourd slices and fresh prawns was actually rather soothing to eat - so Thai food really is not all about getting your senses numbed.

Fried Rice with Crabmeat and Spring Onions

Excellently done, I loved the combination of crabmeat and spring onions, a good pairing with all the strong character dishes served alongside. Comfort food, at its finest.


Baked Thai Style Durian Cake with Coconut Milk

I have to admit resisting this smelly one for awhile, durian is an absolute no-no, what more baking it in a cake? Beautiful handiwork with a custard layer and a moist cake above, the lingering fragrance does hits a non-durian fan like a truck but it did not take me too long to get acquainted with it.

Years later, the RW menu was same same but different, I am definitely not complaining because once again a stellar performance by the kitchen which further reaffirms the need to be back.


Patara Thai
Tanglin Mall

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