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Pool Grill Revisited @ Marriott Hotel

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Dining in Orchard on a weekend always proves one problem - way too many people to jostle with. However the caveat always stands - does it compromise on food with the lack of crowds? Ah, decisions, decisions.

Pool Grill by night is a charming dining destination, with those sparkling crystal blue swimming pool waters. By day, the heat can get to you despite being under shelter but thank goodness for the huge industrial fan that saved us from dining in perspiration. 



A single slice of corn bread served with a trio of condiments to last us for a reasonably long while before our mains decided to make a grand appearance. 


Iberico Pork Cutlet ($36)
Piccalilli, Smoked Pumpkin Puree, Compressed Lemon

Seared over the grill, those grill marks already made my dish look delicious. The thick cut of pork chop was oozing with juices, very tender and in every sense, droolicious. The side of smoked pumpkin puree was more pickled than puree though.


Norwegian Salmon ($32)
Heirloom Tomato, Sauce Vierge

Another excellently executed dish with a pan seared salmon but the heirloom tomatoes were on the raw side.


I have to muse about the attention paid to detail, right down to ironing the table cloths.

Until the next time, perhaps I'll bring my swimsuit along for a sneak dip in the pool too! Just kidding.

Pool Grill
Marriott Hotel, Level 5

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