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Oscar's Sunday Brunch @ Conrad Singapore

~Invited Session~


Sunday brunches are weekly affairs for me, but throw in indulgent brunches...they are yearly affairs. Afterall  having to fork out hundreds a head for that single meal does need a more legit reason than celebrating Sunday.

Oscar's Sunday Brunch has undergone a makeover, literally with a revamped menu!


Also new and perhaps one of the first few Sunday brunch places that includes super foods into their menu, all 4 metres of it - a move that I applaud hugely because who says bingeing is all about the unhealthy food? Super foods like protein juices, quinoa and even flax seeds can and should be part of the spread - also demystifying the notion that all things healthy do not taste good.


What is an indulgent brunch without booze? Red wines made its ready rounds during the tasting.


I'm always up for a glass of bubbly, okay, make that two.

The amount of food available during Sunday Brunch promises an unforgettable gastronomical affair.


I have this thing for stacked croissants...


And trays of smoked salmon. Imagine green tea, apple and a number of other flavours for these smoked babies! If not for the copious amounts of other food available, I'd have made myself a smoked salmon and cheese croissant pronto! The cheese selection is another stunner - 8 types of cheeses, 3 types of organic avocado oil with edible flowers; and condiments including confit black garlic, banana shallot, fresh herbs, or Fleur de sel Guérande!


Sushi and sashimi on the house too!


Fresh sashimi including Tuna, Salmon, Swordfish, Snapper, Hamachi, and Ika, arguably the most varieties of raw fish in a single buffet.


Executive Chef David Laval combines his French roots with Asian origins and Balinese influences in an exciting dish of live Indonesian crabs cooked with galangal, coriander, fresh chillies, tamarind, coconut cream and fresh herbs.

Two types of crab dishes will be available every Sunday!


Live stations are plentiful - from poached eggs, suckling pig, lamb racks, pasta, flambed crepes, waffles and even nitrogen icecream! Talk about a station for every one.


The makings of a poached egg with foie gras espuma.


So many steps before it is complete!


There, tuck in by digging deep in and savouring.


Foie gras espuma does not fulfil? There are pan seared slivers served with apples.


All for the sweet tooth, I got drawn to this macaron wall meant for chocolate fondue.


Dessert pots for the fickle, like me.





I definitely ate too many sweets for my own good but, that's what a sweet tooth is for right? 

5 ways to enjoy this Sunday buffet without having to try everything! 

Strategize the seafood options




Boston lobsters, slipper lobsters, prawns, shellfish and oysters make up the mouth watering range.


Oysters and boston lobsters are my best bet for best bang for the buck - plus you get them freshly shucked!

Amazing graze



Hardly do I rave about salad sections in buffets because the range are one and all the same. Oscar's is what I call "Amazing Graze", pun intended. Quinoa salads, greek salads, artichokes and all the ingredients that make up one hearty and super healthy salad!

Plus the juice options too.


The mango shake was a thick lassi equivalent without any trace of its icky ingredients - even the gym bunny approves!

Carbo-load selectively



Choose from organic pasta to all time local favourites.



And a bread selection that is bound to get you so enthralled. 


Strangely, the single carb dish that had me heading for thirds and fourths was the innocent looking salted egg fried rice. In this fad age of all things salted egg, this fried rice is done justice to - minimal oil, ample flavour and the fish roe topping made this mamma mia!

Bring a meat-ppetite




Immerse yourself in every carnivore's dream platter, there are plenty of proteins available - particularly tantalizing dishes include the Spanish Suckling Pig, Sous Vide Pork Belly and London Fat Duck.

Oscar's version of the famous roast "London Duck" is specially imported from farms in Ireland, reared in extremely high farming standards which results in crispy skins and succulent meats when roasted.

Tasty gimmicks


Nitrogen icecream was completely gimmicky with the chef churning icecream on the spot - note that nitrogen can run out so I say make a dash for this gimmicky station as soon as you can! Sweet potato icecream had pulp within and was texturally very interesting. Worth two scoops if there's extra!

At $98++, I say it is value for money given how most other brunch spreads are hardly as extensive at the same price point. If one is feeling the mood for bubbly, wine and champagne options go for a tune of $.

• S$98++ per person
• S$118++ per person (free flow of sparkling wine,house wines and selected cocktails)
• S$158++ per person (free flow of champagne,house wines and selected cocktails)
• S$40++ per child (6to 12 years old) / Children aged 5 years and below dine for free.

Oscar's Sunday Brunch
Begins 3 April
Conrad Centennial Hotel

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