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Golden Peony Revisited @ Conrad Singapore

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With no plans to visit Hong Kong anytime soon, heading to dimsum joints to silence those cravings seem to be the only resolution. 

Golden Peony at Conrad Singapore offers cantonese cuisine featuring only choice Cantonese ingredients specially imported from diverse regions of China.


A somewhat different platter of appetizers, sugared peanuts!


Steamed prawn dumplings with parsley ($8)

The skin tore upon lifting from the steamer, a bad start in my opinion. The dimsum skin is supposed to withstand any stress or pressure of being lifted from the steamer at least. 

A case of being undercooked or lack of skill, clearly. 

Bland fillings followed suit.


Steamed chicken dumpling (siew mai) with asparagus and black truffle ($8)

Sold on black truffle, these chicken siew mais were half as satisfying as their pork fiends. Probably the consistency of meat made it so but I thought this was another high on hype. 


Steamed barbecued pork bun ($6.40)

The pau consistency was one of Ma Kuo Kueh (think colourful steamed cakes from Bengawan Solo), sweet and very loose in consistency. That was what this char siew bao was about, too sweet for my liking.


Golden-fried beancurd skin shrimp roll (($7)

Crispy deep fried delights, this can hardly go wrong and did not, thankfully!


Baked barbecued pork pastry ($3.50)

Hinging on too sweet, this char siew sou did not make up for the disappointment that char siew bao left behind.


Pan-fried carrot cake with chinese sausage ($4.80)

A classic cantonese delight executed pretty well, more char on the surface would have been perfect but I am not complaining.


Deep-fried bacon rolled with asparagus,topped with mayonnaise and dried shaved bonito flakes ($6)

Missing out the savouriness of the bacon, this would have passed off as ham at best. Similar to the filling of the chicken siew mai.


Steamed beancurd filled with scallop topped with crab meat sauce ($5)

Big on ingredients like scallops and crabmeat sauce, small on spot on flavours. Nothing a dab of chilli cannot save.


2 BBQ Varieties ($30)

Somehow no visit to Hong Kong is ever complete without trying their roasts, pork belly and char siew are just two of my staples on top of roast goose typically. I found the pork belly a tad fatty and the skin thick.


Char siew was also fatty and could do with more char but this definitely fared better of the two.


Salted Egg Chicken ($20)

Throwing a curveball at the kitchen, we took things into our own hands and requested for a salted egg chicken dish.


Just like har jeong gar on boneless chicken, easy to eat without the fuss. I liked the batter and salted egg combination, except that this should be served first and with a bowl of rice!

The dim sum dishes still did not make it for me this visit years later, they fare better for ala carte. 

Golden Peony
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