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Gold Hill Hakka Restaurant 1997 @ Changi Road

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Hakka Yong Tau Foo was primarily what we came for, this air conditioned eatery only operates from 1130am to 4pm, no chance for dinner at all. The menu is limited but with such a limited menu, service was incredibly slow, each plate is steamed upon demand and once you miss the cycle the waiting time gets dragged even longer.

Choose from Yong Tau Foo, Steamed Fish, Clams, Cray Fish, Abacus Seeds and Vegetables.


Yong Tau Foo ($15)

Yong Tau Foo comes at 3 different prices, $5, $6 and $8. We ordered 3 portions of $5 and this does not come with a choice of rice or noodle, just a side of soup, sweet sauce and chilli sauce.

A steamed plate served up after a good 30 minutes at least, I made a dive for the hand moulded ill shaped fish ball. That dense texture was so familiar, just like what Grandma made a good twenty years ago. I remember that taste so well, except this had alot more flour and that skew towards flour than fish was more obvious.

One piece after another, it became apparent it was a whole plate of steamed fish flour paste and it got boring. That said, I enjoyed the chilli paste best.


Abacus Seeds ($3)

10 seeds neatly placed on the plate and topped with a crispy and tasty hae bi and fried shallots. Very delicious indeed, I liked how oil was well controlled here and that topping was a differentiating factor from the other greasy competitors.

Once stated as a Hakka extraordinaire, that leaves little to be desired after personally. Perhaps the abacus seeds worked for us but not the "to die for" yong tau foo. My late grandma would have cackled in her signature laughter and shot us a gummy smile - when we did not appreciate her food as much as we should.

I miss you porpor, so much, so much.

Gold Hill Hakka Restaurant 1997
299A Changi Rd (Closed on Mondays)

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