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Fat Cat Icecream Bar Revisited @ Bedok North

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With my favourite icecream bar, Ice Cream Chefs permanently pulling their shutters at their East Coast Road outlet, I have to venture even further for an icecream and waffle fix. Journey to the east, literally but I am not complaining. The hype seemed to have whittled down, thankfully and nabbing a table on a weekend night was easy breezy - hooorah!


Charcoal waffles and honey comb icecream ($9.90)

Hands down, best waffles in town in my opinion after so many attempts. That crispy exterior and fluffy innards tastes so good eaten on its own and with a huge scoop of icecream. While I remain hugely loyal to butter beer, honey comb was equally delicious too.


Salted Egg Sauce ($1)

Somehow every order of charcoal waffles must go with a side of salted egg sauce, I wonder who concocted such a magical brew but it works. And at a dollar extra, every drop is precious.


Charcoal salted egg choux ($5)

This time there were other salted egg creations, this charcoal choux and a charcoal cake that I was hemming over.

One of those orders that took quite a while to be reheated and served - hence, order the waffles for a faster turnaround time.


Dig into a wafer light exterior, almost hollow and wait for the salted egg cream to ooze. Not the avalanche I hoped but at least it flowed!

Meh-diary at best, which is so strange because they nailed the salted egg sauce for waffles but flopped it for this filling which ended up more like a watery condensed milk version.

Be back for waffles and icecream and leave the temptations at the door, please. Old is gold, you know?

Fat Cat Icecream Bar
Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25

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