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Deliveroo: My Pizza - Tropical Rainforest


Since my first deliveroo order, I have not looked back and this time round I tested the service out in the East with completely different set of vendors to select from. Order placed in the afternoon for dinner at 7pm, my order arrived promptly at 6:53pm. Thank you for surpassing expectations once again, Deliveroo.

At this rate, I am likely to get so pampered and base Deliveroo as the benchmark for all food deliveries in future.


I took a gamble with My Pizza - Tropical Rainforest, one of those listed without a proper website or even store that I remember seeing at all.


Sambal Ikan Bilis ($6.90)
Sambal sauce, sambal ikan bilis, mozzarella cheese 


Meaty Pizza ($6.90)
Beef salami, lean ground beef, mozzarella and cheddar cheese

Superoni ($6.90)
Pepperoni, Mozzarella

6 inches each, perfect for us who wants a taste of as many flavours as possible. These are probably the size of personal pan pizzas and they were delivered piping hot. Of the three flavours, I leaned towards Sambal Ikan Bilis most - that delicious sambal sauce, crunchy ikan bilis and mozzarella cheese actually worked! This east-west marriage was oddly the best of the three. Meaty Pizza and Superoni were too close in ingredients for a good distinction. Otherwise, I enjoyed the thick bread crust.


Chicken Curry Puff ($2.50)

Beef Curry Puff ($2.50)

Curry puffs are not their forte, unfortunately. Check on flaky layers but the curry filling left little to be desired after. Both tasted about the same with more pastry than filling.

My Pizza - Tropical Rainforest
29 East Coast Road, Singapore 428750

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