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CBD Trail: Yong Tau Foo

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Yong Tau Foo remains one of the hottest meals over lunch - with greens as a readily available option and somehow we are deluded to think that beancurd, greens and mass manufactured fishcakes are the healthiest around. The caveat being, as compared to options like char kuay teow and nasi lemak. The moment the sauces get doused over, this calorie battle is a losing one.

Once upon a time, Amara food court had a wildly popular one and they subsequently moved across the street from 100AM but word has it that sometime in 2015 they decided to close for good. Bummer.

Tanjong Pagar Market
Rong Xing Yong Tau Foo



$0.50 per piece, minimum $3.  The most popular of the three in Tanjong Pagar with queues starting as early as 11ish am. Waiting time is averagely 30 minutes or longer. I adore this because of the fried white bait that gives the extra crunch and they keep the dry and soupy ingredients separate - how thoughtful! Now, if only the weather was more forgiving!

Tanjong Pagar Complex
2nd Floor

The least flavourful broth of the lot with the usual selections. Somehow the maddening queues and average variety made me shun this place after one visit.

Koufu Food Court

$0.60 a piece for food court prices is considered cheap. Queues are forever so long like with all yong tau foo queues and I get yellow beans in the broth too. Fried items are refried for more satisfaction and calories.

Icon Village
Hohoho Eating House 

At $0.70 a piece, minimum 6 pieces it was the priciest of the lot but made up for it with meat varieties and bigger portions. Plus, there are other options like bak chor mee and laksa as well! Favourite of the lot, if only space was not so constrained.

Where do you get your fix of yong tau foo in Tanjong Pagar?

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