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CBD Trail: Wraps

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Wraps are the new salads, or not. Most sandwich shops have an option of wraps, likewise salad shops too. It works great for folks who want their sandwich and eat it - without the apparent carbs (fluffy bread versus flat wrap).

Dimbulah Coffee
72  Anson Road


Nothing fancy, this smoked salmon wrap is by no means spectacular as compared to the other players. A by-the-way kind of order to go with an order of coffee.

Salad Stop!
Capital Tower

Tuna San ($12.50)
Romaine, seared tuna, avocado, edamame, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange, sesame seeds, Wasabi Honey Soy dressing

Admittedly, I was drawn to the name of this wrap. Seared tuna sounded good, so did edamame and wasabi honey soy dressing. I watched my fat wrap being toasted, halved and served.  One half started dripping on the napkin that I used to wrap and eat with. Not a good start.

There is a choice of wrap: Wholemeal, original, tomato and spinach. I adventurously went for spinach that looked green, and that was the part of spinach.

Not long after, it leaked onto my dress making it almost impossible to hold and munch. So I did the thinkable - eat with a fork like it's a salad, undressed. There was a clear imbalance of ingredients across both halves, one with too many preserved mandarin orange wedges and another heavy on romaine. By the end of picking out the salad, I was left with a dripping wet wrap. I drained off the wasabi honey soy and chomped on my wrap.

That's one deconstructed wrap experience. Once and it was really just enough. Some afterthoughts on this - weren't wraps made for snug eating experiences and on the go? I completely cannot envision myself walking and eating this without looking like a dork.

Mr Coffee Roasters
International Plaza

Chicken Rendang ($6.50)

The tastier of the two with curry and cheese and while this would pass off better as chicken curry than rendang.

Barbeque Chicken ($7.20)

I found this quite tragic, barely tasting like barbeque chicken or even barbeque sauce to begin with.

For both, the wraps tasted quite alkaline. Not a fan of, maybe stick with their coffees?

Kat and Alfie's (CLOSED)
International Plaza

Located just next to Mr Coffee Roasters is this stall manned by well Kat and Alfie, I have been heading back regularly for their wraps mainly because this is possibly the only place that has such an imbalanced proportion of meat to vegetables. This especially pleases on days I feel particularly carnivorous. So far, chicken and bacon have been very comforting and is high up on my list of comfort foods as opposed to turkey and cranberry.

Turkey and cranberry ($9)

Chicken and Bacon ($9)

For unpretentious food and a taste of a chef who has quite an acid tongue, pay homage to Kat and Alfie! A humongous pity they have decided to pull down the shutters but they will be sorely missed.


They are the only ones who wrap their wraps (sorry for the pun) with such concentration. I opted for a pre-created flavour - cobb with the likes of blue cheese, avocado, bacon and chicken. At $10.18 after they imposed a 5% credit card charge on me, I have to say this was the most value for money in terms of portions and also really tasty too!

the cob 

Simply Cobb Wrap ($9.70)

blackened steak

Blackened Steak Wrap ($10.20)


BBQ Chicken

They have since moved up to the third floor of the shopping mall and comes with a burrito option too! Somehow rice and wraps spell a way too filling option for lunch.

Icon Village

Marketed as a place by gym bunnies for the health conscious, each meal is carefully curated and does not exceed 700 calories.

Quesadilla with Tortillas and Sour Cream ($11.90)

Tasty flat wrap stuffed with minced chicken and served with chips. This could pass off as the real deal if not for the fact that this was targeted at the health nuts. A good alternative to wraps but less filling somehow without the greens.

Huggs Coffee
MAS Tower


One of those wrap places that miss out on aesthetics but actually taste quite decent! 

The Salad Shop
79 Anson Road

Chickpea and Hummus Wrap ($8)

I love everything about TSS, salads, soup, yogurt pots and even their wraps. The only place I willingly order a vegetarian wrap - mainly for the hummus but it was heavy on chickpeas and feta cheese. Very tasty and it filled me up considerably for the rest of the day.

For sure the places that do it darn well are those who specialise in meals and the by-the-way options are usually less generous on ingredients - but sometimes it is about just grabbing lunch and chomping it fast.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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