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The Oval Revisited @ Singapore Cricket Club


Back at Singapore Cricket Club for our annual pig out session - usually clubs are more forgiving in terms of prices during CNY. Armed with an unbeatable view of the Padang and MBS not too faraway, apart from the views and architecture, nostalgia is the reason why we keep returning year after year.


The pieces of history that makes visiting Singapore Cricket Club special.


SCC Mulligatawny Soup ($6.90)

Famed for Mulligatawny Soup, I wonder why it took me so long to discover its presence. A spicy curry broth sprinkled with rice grains and onions. For the curry lover in me, I lapped it all up - and hardly do I enjoy liquid curries without meat. Now, where can I find an equivalent beyond the walls of this club?


Rojak ($7.20)

Chef probably did not dilute the prawn paste enough when he dunked it on a pile of ingredients. Too heavy and chunky.


SCC Cheese Toast ($5.90)
Crisps and Coleslaw

Mozzarella cheese on toast with chillies and onions, such is the simple bliss of sandwich eating back in my childhood days.


SCC Laksa ($11.80)
Rice noodles, shrimps, fish cake, boiled egg, tau pok and shredded chicken in rich coconut gravy

Next to chicken rice, this was highly recommended by the waiters. This probably would wow a foreigner but not the locals, missing out on punch and flavour, even a dish of belachan could not save this watery rendition of our national pride. Worth a miss.


Yang Chow Fried Rice ($9.60)

A dish that I raved about before for the wok hei has since dwindled into a lacklustre attempt by the chef.


Butter Chicken Masala ($8.90)


I love butter chicken best of all the indian curry dishes, tasty and appetite inducing. Perfect with naans!


Southern Indian Fish Curry ($8.90)

Less outstanding as compared to butter chicken, it could be the combination of spices that did not work its magic on me.


Garlic Naan ($3.60)

Indian food's a pride of SCC, primarily because most members are Indian or used to be Indian at least. Plus, cricket is a highly favoured sport of the Indians so there has to be some correlation there.

Hand pulled naan, doughy, chewy and all things nice.


Gunner ($4.10)

This ginger ale and soda concoction always brings a huge smile to my face. And as a child I would fight for that cherry stalk.

Done with the annual pilgrammage, I may just sneak a return just for the Mulligatawny soup!

Singapore Cricket Club


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