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Tavern Revisited @ The Tanglin Club


Bar counters always intrigue me, especially when they belong to establishments with history under its belt. The Tanglin Club, was one of the pillars of social life in Singapore for successful members of the European community and still is one of the places to see and be seen.

My own dad spent a great deal of his younger days at this bar over drinks, salted anchovies and peanuts. 


I have a strange affliction for heavily starched and pristine white stiff table napkins.

Salad, Soup and Dessert Buffet ($14.80)


I usually do not think much of soups at buffets, and scoffed at this greenie which turned out to be the most delicious on the buffet spread. Chunky soup with green pea bits and croutons, a winning recipe!


The selection of cold cuts and salads were limiting and there was also a portion for sushi and breads too. Overall a worthwhile buffet for those who want a detox!


Crab Croquettes ($10.95)
Romesco Sauce

Breaded crab croquettes which put the highly priced ones to shame, these plump cakes stuffed with crab meat are best enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon for that tangy after taste!


Tanglin's Classic Mulligatawny Soup ($7.95)

Filled with rice clumps and more watery in consistency, this Mulligatawny Soup was less satisfying. Just a savoury clumpy broth.


Spaghetti Bolognese ($17.75)

This is child's play with soggy and short noodles. I am sorry but pasta has to come in tendrils so long, I need a fork to break them.


See, even twirling was an issue. Subpar pasta dish that would have found its place in the kid's menu.


Thin Crust Pizza ($14.55)
Pepperoni, Jalepenos, Mixed Bell Peppers ($1.60 each)

Thin crusted and tasty slices. We were not expecting much so this had its tables turned on us.


Halibut Fish and Chips ($19.95)

This was a blast from the past, I grew up with battered fish and chips and knew nothing of the breaded version until Swensen's. Truth is, I have a love hate with batter - the thickness and grease that comes with it.

Maybe age taught me a higher tolerance but this particular plate of fish and chips proved to be the best to date, crispy batter and an incredibly delightful halibut filet with chips that somehow tasted extra delicious. Oh and tartare sauce, like an old flame returns to please and tease all over again.


Steamed Cod Fish ($20.95)

I suppose there are no-no dishes on every menu and this was in the form of an overcooked cod fish with a sauce so sweet and almost wilting vegetables. That ghastly shade of brown-green.


Creamed Spinach ($6.75)

Riding on the low of chinese food, the creamed spinach ended up more sauteed with garlic than creamed spinach.

Snooty service, uppity club members and a floor manager who barks at her staff in the open view of the public. There is nothing to rave about the service, food like most recreational clubs like these sell on nostalgia mostly and unfortunately, it got me there once again.

The Tanglin Club

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