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Sum Kee Food @ Telok Blangah Street

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I am always on the look out for zichar places to add to my comfort list, partly because too much restaurant food can kill the appetite. #firstworldproblems Next to Por Kee, I have yet to find another that I can count on regardless of day and time of the week.

Sum Kee Food fell under the radar after a particular instagram post by a fellow foodie - How I love social media for its no secrets policy - I mean good food is for sharing.

Located in a building that also has a clinic, ask around and be directed to the large restaurant. 


Ultra Man Chicken ($10)

With the salted egg craze going strong recently, this salted egg fried chicken topped the list for sin. Doused in a savoury salted egg sauce these bite sized fried chicken pieces were a tough contender for addictive beer snacks.


Hot Plate Tofu ($10)

Sizzling hot dish of tofu and egg, worth the theatrics I say!


Yam Ring ($18)

Another old school dish that I started eating since a kid and we all marvel at the beauty of the yam ring. This was haphazardly done with a huge plate, unnecessary amount of egg white nest and the much revered yam ring. Loved the yam ring, on the fence about the ingredients that was mostly onions anyway.


Sliced Fish with Vegetables ($15)

The portion of meat to greens is clearly lopsided but I definitely did not complain about the generous portion of kai lan.


Baby Kai Lan ($8)

A tad oily with plenty of wok hei.


Yang Chow Fried Rice ($15)

On the sweet and greasy side but so satisfying with chilli padi in particular! 


Moon Light Horfun ($12)


The one I visited Sum Kee for, fried thick kuay teow with an egg cracked on top - resembling the moon quite nearly. The magic lies in their thick kuay teow, the smooth sheets coated in egg white and sauce makes this a delicious dish to behold.

Heavy handed in oil for most of the dishes, none of them attempted showcased their steaming techniques so I shall leave that for a second visit. Great value and a menu featuring not so common dishes. 

Sum Kee Food
No. 2 Telok Blangah Steet 31
Yeo's Building

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