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St Marc Bakery and Bar @ Parkland Green


St Marc Bakery and Bar at Parkland Green is the only outlet in Singapore that I am aware of serving up a full fledged menu and the space is huge!


Mushroom Soup ($6.80)

This filled barely less than half a bowl, barely had mushroom bits and was a clear case of rip off. Steer clear.


Cajun Chicken ($18.80)

On the fence about the barbeque chicken that hovered on being over marinated, loved the mash and dressing.


Chicken and Chips ($16.80)

It's a fried food junkie's dream here with crisp fried chicken on a bed of fries. These straight cut fries and tartare sauce were a joy on their own. Any mention of calories, please save them for after the meal.


Classic Fuji ($7.30)

No visit is ever complete without an order of a Fuji, mini or classic. This was a tad over the top with the portions and level of sweetness - adored the buttery fragrant croissant pastry and that soft serve swirl. Caramel sauce and crazy sweet red beans did not help one bit.

There are also burger, pasta and rice options too! A pretty extensive menu though I would say stick with the classics of bread and pastry. 

St Marc Bakery and Bar
920 East Coast Parkway
#01-09/10  Parkland Green

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