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Salt Tapas and Bar Revisited @ Raffles City

~Invited Session~

I have perhaps said this so many times, if I can have my way around meal times - there should be brunch, after noon tea and supper.

Having a brunch worth waking up for, is a tall order.


Egg Berentine with Bonito Flakes ($14)


Combining both the eggs florentine and classic eggs benedict, this comes with the merriment of spinach and ham, a hollandaise spiked with dashi and topped with bonito flakes. Flavours are on point, and that home made muffin made it all the more heartier. Now, this is the single brunch item worth waking up for.


Spanish Omelette with Spicy Sauce ($15)

Thick and fluffy omlette studded with capsicums makes this a champ's breakfast with all the protein and fibre needed for the day ahead. Did I already mention the spicy sauce whets the appetite so, I could eat this everyday for the next week.


Ciger Omelette with Mushroom Crepe Sauce and Green Onions ($15)

The omu that the Japanese highly revere is one up from scrambled eggs, creamy and exceptionally tasty with the sprinkling of green onions and mushrooms.


Scrambled Egg with Ratatoulie and sauteed Zucchini and Toast ($15)

The least creative way to serve eggs after all the fireworks happening in earlier dishes - I say this is earnest and a down to earth dish that surprises when eaten together. Like egg on toast?


Club Sandwich with Cajun Fries ($16)

I usually approach club sandwiches with some apprehension - the fillings never run away from sliced cooked poultry, fried bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Far and few variations but this comprised of chicken mayo, bacon, the green works, and of course cajun fries that made that finger licking so hearty and so good.


The glorious cross section.


Grilled Sirloin with Mash, Watercress Salad, Poached Egg and Madeira Dressing ($18)

Plenty of things going on in a single plate, so ready a man-ppetite before you take on this meaty delight.


French Toast, Okinawa Icecream, Clotted Cream, Jam ($15)

House made icecream got me very excited - especially with okinawa brown sugar icecream on a piping hot toast! Probably not the most instagrammable dessert around but the contrast in temperature and textures were truly a pleasure.

Also on the brunch menu were nibbles, great for sharing as always.


Haloumi, Eggplant, Chickpea, Dried tomatoes, Herbs, Tahini dressing ($13)

Haloumi had me at hello, there is nothing more satisfying than deep fried goat cheese. And an accompanying mediterranean salad of chickpeas, herbs and sesame dressing. If only portions were bigger!


Taco of Tempura Soft Shell Crab, Pineapple Salsa, Wasabi Mayo ($14)

A reinterpretation of my favourite prawn taco, the wasabi mayo rocked up some heat and together with soft shell crab became my instant favouritest nibble on the menu.


Pork Belly Sliders, Bbq Pulled Pork, Pickled Cucumber and Chilli ($13)

Petite bites great with an ice cold beer, the pickled cucumber made this so easy to wolf - all three.


Fruitango ($8)
Apple, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Pineapple

I always believe in a glass of freshly squeezed juice to wash the gluttony all down, this fruit paradise was all of refreshing and helped the digestion a fair bit!

Chef Ronald Li has once again pulled off a menu that is bound to please every taste bud out there, with earnest cooking techniques and plenty of fresh ingredients. Nothing fancy, eggs are still a huge part of the brunch menu and with a twist. Instead of five different variations of poached eggs, scrambled, omelette, poached and fried eggs are presented. The egg business is serious at Salt Tapas and Bar, the best part of this is not getting sick of eggs by the time we ate our way through all of them. What sorcery - ask the chef.

To round things up, this was a brunch worth waking up for. 

Salt Tapas and Bar
Raffles City

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