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Poh Cheu @ Bukit Merah

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I may have tried this several times before thanks to loving colleagues who would brave the sunny weathers and ridiculous lunch time crowds, until I paid this 30 year old stall a visit myself.

The queues never once stopped and supplies ran out just so fast.

Turns out, fellow Singaporeans really do know where to queue and what to buy.


Rainbow colours and in a myriad of flavours - someday I will order all flavours!


Spotted the kueh making in progress - terribly tedious I'd say and it is definitely a craft of yesteryears. 

A table of goodies - I wish I had space for more though!


Yes I have a huge weakness for soon kuehs. Something about that starchy skin and turnip filling, dark sauce and dollop of chilli!

Ingredients were generous and the skin was so smooth!


Bamboo shoot kueh, a rarity in the kueh scene and this was equally delicious. Now I have my eyes set on trying the yam, chive and rice kueh next!


I really could not resist getting ang ku kuehs ($0.90 each), fragrance permeates every bite. Once again the same silken smooth and soft skin with generous fillings. Both the bean paste and black sesame worked for me.


These abacus seeds ($2), simply had me grabbing one tub without even considering if I can stomach them all. Too much glutinous rice can give me indigestion sometimes. These were substantial ones rolled in with chockfuls of yam. Topped with fried shallots, spring onions and an occasional mushroom. SOOOO good.

Affordable and incredibly delicious traditional fare. Now the key is, beating the crowds.

Poh Cheu
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