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Muchachos Delivery by Deliveroo

Upfront, this is hardly an advertorial because $20 was waived from my bill which I would gladly pay still. And did, the second time round.

Order placed: 18:49
Order delivered: 19:11


Delivered in 22 minutes flat. And it was because I was in the restroom which resulted in frantic ringing of the bell and my phone before it became clear to me it was my order at the door. Very impressive delivery service.


California Burrito ($13.50)
Steak, fries

I call this the champ's version of dinner, with just manfood of excellently done tender steak cubes and fries stuffed into a single fat burrito. That amount of cheese was insane as well but it made two bellies very very very happy.


Vegetariano Taco ($5)
Habenero dressing, cheese (+$0.50)


Chicken Taco ($5.50)
Verde salsa, cheese (+$0.50)

I missed ordering these tacos the last in store visit and with my original order of fish taco sold out, I opted for the vegetarian and cheese. Both came with double taco shells which added to the thickness of the shell.

Vegetarian strangely worked better for me, and it was JUST grilled vegetables. What sorcery?

Habenero dressing got us both huffing and puffing and reliving the days in Maldives where we audaciously took on the Maldivian chilli thinking nothing of it but boy boy boy, it was SO SPICY. The kind of heat that overwhelms any thing that comes in contact with the fiery sauce. The lingering pleasantries made me thankful chilli is a huge part of my diet.


Lime Jarritos ($4.50)

Lime soda the mexican way, delivered chilled somemore! Extra bonus points.

Having tried and tested so many food delivery companies, Deliveroo ranks tops for me. These patience testing food ordering affairs are now made easy - no, this is not the PR talking, but a consumer who is hooked on such a fussfree ordering and delivery service! Be sure there will not be anymore fast food orders from me in a long while!

At $3 per delivery, I am so not complaining but note their minimum delivery stands at $25.

Order placed: 19:13
Order delivered: 19:43

5 minutes shy of their targeted 35 minute delivery time, kudos I still say.


Carne Asada ($15.50)
Black Beans, Sliced Avocado(+$2), Habenero 


Carne Asada ($13.50) 
Pinto, Habenero

The sliced avocado does give a creamier finish to the beef burrito and both black and pinto beans gave the hearty finish in this carbo packed wrap. Think rice, cheese and beans! The habenero sauce this time was for the faint hearted, barely causing a whimper. 

Vegetariano ($5)
Roja (Red)

Still the thick taco skin hits me for bland and tasteless.

I love their food, especially burritos and the prompt service.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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