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Mrs Pho Revisited @ Beach Road


We caught the Mrs Pho bug and made a number of revisits to try as many dishes as possible, in our true obsessive style. Late lunch and early dinners seem to work well in terms of queues, waiting time and more comfortable dining conditions.


Hanoi Pork Meat Balls ($3.50)

Listed as Mamma's secret recipe, I could not wait to unravel the mystery behind this. Juicy meatballs with sweet glaze and topped with spring onions and chopped peanuts. It then dawned on me how meat skewers are part of our asian cuisine, regardless country.


Fresh Prawn and Pork Spring Roll ($3.50)

Served with bean paste sauce, this raw vegetable spring roll fared better than the fried and also meatballs for me. Loved the crunch of this!


Special Beef Combination Soup ($8.90)

This always ends up a must order for me and I get reluctant to try any other dishes.


So slurpworthy and self seasoning is always recommended as the soup base is characteristically sweet as with most Vietnamese dishes.


Viet Crab, Prawn and Mince Pork Noodle Soup ($9.90)

Mousetail noodles are a first for me in vietnamese cuisine and I was delighted! Noodles were al dente throughout and that broth was a winning recipe for me. Somehow the combination of crabs, prawns and pork was extra comforting and tasty. Lipsmacking good.


Hot and Spicy Beef Noodle Soup ($7.90)
Viet Ham


A hot favourite for selling out - laksa noodles in beef broth and served with beef brisket and viet ham. I found this really ordinary amongst the noodle dishes eaten so far and oily as well, a huge pity though.


Mrs Pho Special Combination Congee ($7.90)

Made on the spot, even ordering this at off peak hours took quite a while to arrive. Heavily laden in MSG, this gives cantonese porridge a run for their money with quail eggs, mushroom minced meat balls and a ton of beansprouts. 

Saigon Salty Iced Lemonade ($2) 

I usually approach savoury beverages with heaps of apprehension because they usually end up as shocks, this turned out pretty fine - like sour plum soda somewhat! 

Still the same verdict, affordable and tasty vietnamese fare. I am looking forward to checking off all their items on the menu soon!

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