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Lewin Terrace @ Lewin Terrace

February is panning out to be such a month of good food, I may very well have problems playing catch up with the other months! Lewin Terrace for fusion food - Japanese-French infact and its location is not to for the faint and weak hearted.


The single flight of stairs that tested our endurance limits - ok, I kid. Imagine being in sky scraper heels and a long dress, that would have been challenging.

Enter a well maintained colonial house, this is half the experience won for me usually - the ambience and charm that old buildings exude and this part of Singapore is particularly enchanting.


Wet towels.


These indulgent dinners have exposed me to a world of table arrangement and table wares, now if only I had the space and the money to have all of these gorgeous pieces. 

Two degustation menus for the night, and shame on us for tucking into a late tea just before dinner so we settled for Sho-mi ($108), a relatively more manageable dinner set.


Mochi Cheese Ball, Yuzu Cream Cheese


The amuse bouche got me enthralled with chewy mochi balls and arguably the best yuzu cream cheese tart around - that intensity of cheese and the clever usage of red berries to neutralize the rich flavours.


Bread Basket with Yuzu Butter


Be a fan of yuzu or dread the elements. The liquid center got me very excited, a different oral experience from salted butter blocks.


Slightly Broiled Bonito with Purple Sweet Potato Fries, Truffles Sauce

Well executed and balance of flavours - the broiled tuna and sweet potato cubes were complementary. Throw in chopped truffles and sauce, a dish made to wow the senses to no end.


Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Broccoli


Since when did broccoli taste so good? I got obsessed with the broccoli in cream sauce more than the already seemingly less spectacular seared hokkaido scallop. Really, Lewin Terrace makes me rethink my priorities in a dish, strangely.


Winter Eel Tempura and Risotto


Eel tempura is a first, much less a risotto cake in broth. Plenty of firsts in this stunning masterpiece, tempura done well is by far an art.


The layer of batter so light that it is almost non existent if it were not for the crunchy exterior, and the risotto got me floored. Simple broth flavours yet so hearty and comforting. This creation has to be the lightest risotto ever!


Roast Lamb Homemade Lewin Spice Flavour


Ending things on a meaty note, lamb chops seared to a droolicious pink.


Tender, herb crusted and topped with a delicious mash. Now if only my lamb chops could sing along with me.

Dessert of the Day


Coconut panna cotta, peach compote or apple pie?


Apple pie was heavily recommended and when in doubt, believe what your server suggests.


Turned out to be a nice surprise afterall! Spiced apples with filo pastry and served with a caramel icecream. If that is not enough, there is a strawberry mousse and also a peppercorn cream too - one for a sensational end.


Japanese white, one that bore mango hints and had the complexities of a french wine. Strangely addictive, I think we just uncovered a new country of wines to sip to!


Our meal was exceptional and I wish I had more space for more courses infact. Exquisite courses and a lovely dining dining experience to boot.

Lewin Terrace
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