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Kheng Nam Lee Eating House @ Havelock Road

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Kheng Nam Lee at Havelock has been around for long enough, my parents even know that Chow Yun Fatt patronized them before! This teo chew muay stall like all others cater to the supper crowd and this is exceptional with the boss there every day of the year.


Handmade Fishcake

Smooth fish paste, this ranks tops for favourite handmade teochew fishcake.



Braised Duck

The most expensive dish on the menu but who can fault this signature tender one? Meat was particularly tasty and drizzled with enough sauce for that lipsmacking encounter.


Soy Sauce Winglets

Less satisfying than the braised duck, the boys loved them down to the bone.


Chye Poh Egg

I like my chye poh eggs slightly salty and eggy, this nailed it quite well. I'm not sure about you but overly salty omelettes are a huge turn off.


Stir Fried Clams

The zichar fan in me says this is a far cry from the tasty wok fried version.


Hae Bi

On the sweet side, this actually tasted like pork floss in porridge!


Stir Fried Eggplant




Chap Chye

The vegetable dishes were mostly mushy, characteristic of teo chew dishes truth be told.


Braised Beancurd


Braised Beancurd Skin

Both dishes are a must order for me for teo chew muay, something about the braised juices that makes the bean curd skins and dried bean curd extra tasty.


Certainly the quality of food was definitely better than Ye Shang Hai's but the price was equally good as well. A meal for six set us back by $74.

Kheng Nam Lee Eating House
717 Havelock Rd

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