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House of Seafood @ Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre

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Since we started travelling across the causeway for seafood, our visits to seafood restaurants have diminished fairly. Nonetheless, with a "Best Pepper Crab" accolade, we had to pay it a visit somehow.


So popular, tables are laid all the way to the escalator.


Their walls of fame filling all four walls of the restaurant's interior.


Whoever these celebrities are, the images were actually duplicated.


Appetizers of a competent achar and also crackers!


Best eaten with a side of power chilli! These are seemingly East Asian though, instead of local.


Clams in Broth proved to be a comforting start.


Stirfried Chicken with Ginger proved very similar to the pork rib dish we had, perhaps we could have tried a different cooking style!


Mee Goreng is not quite the order I make under normal standards with all the flavoursome dishes, but this was a slurpilicious one.


We opted for chilli crabs instead, a lacklustre attempt with under sized crabs and the meat was loose - none of the succulence and firmness that I was lutsing after. A great pity though.


Pumpkin prawns! These were well executed, far better than the crabs.


Belachan asparagus is something new, usually I order belachan kang kong.


These leafy greens are my zichar staple, the wok hei and copious amounts of oil used makes this a greasy love affair.


Spare ribs! These sticky meat chunks were finger licking good, so good I wish I could eat with my fingers.

A reasonably delicious meal with more hits in their non specialty of crabs. Groupon provides a deal too good to miss too.

House of Seafood
756 Upper Serangoon Road, #03-33 Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre

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