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Gyu Kaku @ One KM Mall


The last time I patronized Gyu Kaku had been a good 4 years ago and thanks to another restaurant turning us away, I paid it a visit.


The most unlikely dish to order, especially when it was merely cabbage and belachan. However, it proved to be a simple pleasure of spot on spiciness with the refreshingly cold and crunchy cabbage.


Gomenegi Ramen ($10)

Usually I will not order ramen in a non specialty shop, what more in Singapore actually when ramen shops have failed  me before.

I blame the freezing temperatures of my seat that fuelled this order of hotstone ramen.

Served with sesame seeds for grinding, it was just spring onions and ramen. Very comforting food though I wish the ramen noodles were springier, the sesame oil laced broth made up for it. Also, the hot stone pot ensured my food was kept piping hot throughout.


Gyu Kaku Garlic Fried Rice ($4)

Surprisingly not as gratifying as the ramen, good on its own but no comparison when eaten with the ramen.


Gyu Kaku Platter ($24)
Karubi, Harami, Fire! Karubi

What is a meal at Gyu Kaku without grilling any meat? The assorted platter is reasonably priced and has a number of cuts too.


I love the thoughtfulness of the staff - the grill was placed in the next table so the flames will not get too hot. Place the meats and watch it sizzle, simple!


Harami proved to be our favourite, the marbling and flavours trumped the other cuts.

I am glad I still remember reviewing their beef items being more worthwhile than the rest, at least I discovered other items that are pretty decent too! 

Gyu Kaku
One KM Mall

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